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Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana shows the girl behind the music

 Miss Americana is an unfiltered, unapologetic look into the life of one of the world’s biggest music stars

The name Taylor Swift often echoes a response regarding her role as one of the biggest names in music, however, have you ever wondered about the girl behind the music?

Well, buckle up, because Taylor Swift and Director Lana Wilson have unleashed an unapologetic, unfiltered and emotional roller coaster which makes one of the biggest pop stars on the planet instantly relatable. 

Often times we forget that these idols of ours are underneath it all just human beings with feelings just like the rest of us and the pedestal we put them on is just because they have a really cool job because they’re talented. Often times that pedestal is one they never asked to be on and we easily forget they’re just people and we strip them of their humanity. 

For years Taylor’s life has been put under a microscope and with every news article, some keyboard warrior is quick to write a mean, disheartening message about a stranger they know nothing about. Miss Americana does an incredible job of peeling back the layers. Taylor shows emotions ranging from being in tears to the triumphs of using her voice to make a positive change. 

The documentary takes you on a clear cut journey of Taylor’s feelings of growing up and being programmed and censored early on in her career to an inside look to her journey during her time out of the spotlight. 

Miss Americana shows a side of Taylor we’ve never seen before with her raw emotion regarding a Tennessee senator which catches her in tears and her fights and regrets about not voicing her thoughts sooner on President Trump prior to the 2016 election. 

The doc also drives you down memory lane revealing her feelings of the Kayne West incident and the real effect it had on not only her career but her mental health. 

Swift also opens up about her mother’s battle with breast cancer and finding love in private.

The film has moments that make you connect with Swift on a human level, oftentimes as she reveals the effects of fame and the industry’s preconceived notions. There is also a ton of fun and happiness in the documentary as well, from her studio time with Brendan Urie of Panic at the Disco to shooting the videos for “ME!” and “You Need To Calm Down”

For a singer who is often attacked by the media for being “Manufactured”, this documentary shreds those stigmas as you can see everything from Taylor writing her own songs to arguing with her team over needing to voice her truth and the importance for her to not hold back. 

Miss Americana gave me a whole new insight into Taylor Swift the human and my respect level skyrocketed. Her message is genuine, her beliefs are explained and I think the film is a must-watch for the Swift haters as much as it is for her diehards. Have an open mind and explore her perspective, I think we have a lot more in common with Taylor Swift once you see this side of her. 

Check out the Miss Americana Trailer below and then stream it on Netflix now!

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