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Shutter 16 Magazine Podcast: New To The Airwaves Episode 1

New to the Airwaves – Podcast, Episode #1

With, your host, Dianna Augustine and special guest David Zeck.

We did it, we finally did it! After a couple of years of batting around the idea and with absolutely no podcast training (as you’ll be able to tell – be kind we’re NEWBS), it’s here. I’ll be honest: I repeat certain phrases “Up Next,” and “Umm…” a few more times than I’m comfortable with but I’m excited to share new music from Father John Misty, Ben Howard, and Mazzy Star. To drop in tidbits about indie maven Krigare or when Zeck comes in to do our WTF in news segment and we discuss Kanye West. We emphatically pick apart how cool and surprising the new tour announcements have been this season, and even give a little feedback on plastic surgery and sexualizing pop-stars. Spoiler alert: I’m a chick and GASP I wish women wouldn’t manipulate themselves for the music industry, but if for themselves, I have no problem. Other spoiler alert: we talk a lot about the Kardashians and try to take an honest and heartfelt look at the incredulous F-up NOFX threw at music fans this week.  The beginning starts slow, as I’m timid and alone in a big wonderful, new, weird, and vast world of podcasting. By the end with help from a co-host, I get my footing and I cannot wait until next week to learn better transitions, get my mic to stay in one spot for sound, and dive further into the music world and share all the stuff we can come up with all of you!

Next week’s episode: Unfortunately, time restraints kept Editor-in-Chief Sheila Walsh out of the podcast this go around, but it just means that much more content she will have for us next week. We will be joined by a few artists to talk about their upcoming escapades, as well as a staff member or two to touch base new happenings and what makes them tick. New ticket giveaways and shows to see will be peppered throughout as well. We’ll spout off about new music being released this week, some tour rumors, gossip down the chains, introduce you to a few indie artists we found through our new ReverbNation campaign, Until next week! Horns up, moshpitters pick up anyone who falls, and #twitfromthepit if you’re at a show!  

Much Love  – Dia

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The leader of the pack, shutter16.fam, head photographer and brain schemer has been a Charlotte based concert photographer since early 2002. Her passion for photography was cultivated by her grandfather, a very well known and decorated war photographer who put the first camera in her very small hands at the age of three.

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