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New local-oriented venue a big ‘F-U’ from LiveNation?

New local-oriented venue a big ‘F-U’ from LiveNation?

Don’t be too sure.

The Underground logo looks sort of like a wrestling title, in a good way.

So all of our favorite venues are dead or dying, right?

You’re tired of going to huge venues with huge bands who have tons of money and you’re paying a tenner for a beer, right?

Let’s go to The Fillmore Underground, and see how LiveNation may just play a big role in the local scene with the financing of a huge company providing quality staff, location, and upward mobility for our near and dear local bands.

This Saturday, right off of Music Factory Blvd, The Fillmore Underground will hold its grand opening and feature Fiftywatt Freight Train, Something Clever and special guest The Reason You Stayed. This is an all-ages event, and we look forward to more all-ages events from the FU in the future.

In a recent press-release, Something Clever had this to say about this new venue and new opportunity:

Something Clever - 01

Photo of Something Clever via Kevin McGee

“The fact that this is the first show at this new venue is an honor that we don’t take very lightly,” says bassist Colt Crevar. “We are beyond excited to be a part of it but I also genuinely think that people should come to this show because… with all of the other venues shutting down or closing down all around us, we are running out of spaces to play. If you’re involved in music in any sort of capacity no matter what genre, then this needs to be something that means something to you. Charlotte asked for a new venue, and here it is. It’s up to ALL of us to support it and keep our scene alive,” via Something Clever.

 They also went on about the venue opening on WBTV: click here. (I wonder why they all didn’t have a seat during this interview, don’t these anchors know that musicians have trouble finding things to do with their hands if they’re not gripping instruments?)

If you’ve been avoiding the Music Factory and surrounding areas because of the cost, the crowds, and the mainstream lineups, then perhaps let the area redeem itself. This event is only free dollars, that is to say, if you are one of the first to contact the band for the hook up. When tickets run out, they run out— but you can purchase them ahead of time for a two-for-one price of five a pop. Go on, huff if you want to, that even five dollars is too steep to bow down before the LiveNation overlords; but remember, you’re supporting the bands on the lineup, too.

So we’re not sure what the venue looks like yet— but we’ll have cameras there during the grand opening. Still, that doesn’t seem to do this article justice. So, here’s an expert illustration of what we predict the venue will look like inside:

Best drawing ever via Molly Shores

As seen in the expertly-crafted digital imaging above, the band on stage is shouting ‘foot in the door!’ because this venue may very well be a way for local bands to get their names on the desks of LiveNation managers, and on the bill as supporting acts for national tours. I can understand that not every band wants that opportunity, but I know plenty who do want it, and should take advantage of this new venue.

Nothing like this has been put together by LiveNation before, and before you say “FU” to the Fillmore Underground, come out on Saturday and see for yourself if it’s worth a damn. We’ll be there, grabbing #twitfromthepit shots of everyone’s good-time faces. Even if you don’t come out, because maybe these bands aren’t your cuppa tea, stay tuned for future events.

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