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WOUNDEDSPiRiT Takes Back Control of Their Destiny

The UK Indie Band Looks Ahead

Written by Brooke Billick

Self-described as a Black Country original pop/rock band, WOUNDEDSPiRiT is again on the verge of breaking out.  Originally formed in 1989 by vocalist Jason Kelly and the guitarist Biggsy, the band played together in their West Bromwich area of the UK’s West Midlands and enjoyed successful tours in the UK and Europe.  After developing a dedicated following for their distinctive sound, life interfered and the band hit the pause button in 2000 after playing together for eleven years.  

The band reformed a couple of years ago, played a couple of gigs and launched a debut album, FOREVER Young, to enthusiastic reviews.

In the case of WOUNDEDSPiRiT, the term Black Country is intended to refer to an area in the UK made up of small towns.  In fact, WOUNDEDSPiRiT just nailed three nominations in the inaugural 2019 Black Country Music Awards, the BCMAsFOREVER Young was nominated for the BCMA Best Album award, the single “Stand Up” was nominated for the BCMA Best Single award and the band itself was nominated as the BCMA Best Indie Band!

Life interferes once again and, coming into 2019, two of the founders of WOUNDEDSPiRiT, Jason Kelly and drummer, Elton McTaggart, are revitalizing the band.  The first step is WOUNDEDSPiRiT’s new single, “Taking Back Control,” which was released on May 3. The inaugural song for the band’s next album, DiVERSiTY, “Taking Back Control” jumps in your face with a distinctive bass, pounding drums and soaring vocals.

“Taking Back Control,” stands proudly as the band’s anthem and highlights a turning point for WOUNDEDSPiRiT.  As Jason Kelly describes the band’s journey to this point, they had a big decision as to whether they should simply remain a tribute band and accept their place in the music tree or go boldly forward and blaze their path.


Behind Jason’s soaring vocals, Elton’s drumbeat and the supporting bass line, the song stands as a testament to renewal and rejuvenation.  Jason’s lyrics describe putting the past behind and moving forward in full control of one’s destiny. Based on the strength of “Taking Back Control” and their resolve, WOUNDEDSPiRiT will be welcomed back to the airwaves.

Let WOUNDEDSPiRiT lift your spirits by listening to the band’s other tunes, including “11 Months 3 Weeks 6 Days” and the band’s covers of “Yellow” and U2’s “i will follow.”

Other notable videos to watch by the band:

[11 Months 3 Weeks 6 Days]

[Yellow cover]

[i will follow]

What’s Next for WOUNDEDSPiRiT

WOUNDEDSPiRiT has ambitious plans for its future.  Jason Kelly and Elton McTaggart plan to spend the next year recruiting more band members, obtain funding, write and record more music for their planned next release, DiVERSiTY, and then begin touring.  It will be their way of sticking their middle finger up to those who say it can’t be done.

Take a listen to “Taking Back Control” as well as other WOUNDEDSPiRiT songs, which are available on iTunes and other streaming services, for an introduction to this excellent, upbeat band.  You won’t be disappointed.

“Taking Back Control” Lyrics:

U kick it in

I tear it down

I walk in shoes not made to fit my feet

My mind is numb

From head to toe

I walk the streets no one knows my name

U shout it 

We smash it up

All these stones are breaking up my bones

Look how the sky 

turns into space

The day becomes becomes my yesterday 


I see a world in black and white

Watch a world of floating satellites

I see the world turning inside out



Taking back control 


Your taste is sweet

A Bitter twist

I’m swimming oceans against the tide again

I take the faith

U take the leap

I spin the lights 

until we hit the night


I see a world in black and white

Watch a world of floating satellites

I see the world turning inside out



Taking back control


Livin for life out on the fast lane

Release my chains

Today is the day 

Take off the brakes 

Embrace the new day

Don’t wait and don’t wait and see

Brooke Billick is based in Milwaukee. By night, he happily haunts crowded bars, taverns and music venues featuring live music while pursuing that perfect artist profile or facial expression. He has covered singer-songwriters, bands, and music festivals for several years, and feels energized by the passion and talent of the performing artist. Facing the prospect of retirement from full-time employment head on, Brooke looks forward to expanding his photographic opportunities and takes to heart Tom Petty’s advice – “if you don’t run, you rust.” You can find Brooke’s portfolios on Flickr and Facebook and follow him on Instagram @brookebillickphotography.

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