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With British Charm and a Tough Rock Edge, The Hunna play Charlotte

British band, The Hunna, Plays Charlotte’s Underground

With British charm and a tough rock edge, The Hunna won over many hearts in the Queen City on Friday the 13th at the Underground. Humbled to be in the states for their U.S. tour, which began on March 9, the band was excited to play Charlotte for the first time in two years. Having originally been planned to perform on March 11, the date was postponed to April 13 due to unforeseen visa complications. However, this did not seem to be an issue for fans as they packed into the Underground anxiously awaiting for the show to start.



The opening act was fellow British band Coasts, an indie rock band hailing from Bristol, England. Formed back in 2011, and fronted by Chris Caines followed by Liam Willford on the guitar, James Gamage on the bass, David Goulbourn on the keyboard, and Ben Street on the drums, the five piece band has gained popularity in Europe and the United States.


Equipped with two albums, and millions of streams on Spotify, the band was ready to share their content with Charlotte for the first time (and the fact that it was Friday the 13th did not deter them).


Coasts began their set with “Wallow”, a song off their self-titled album. As the crowd was still filling in, Coasts made sure to give it their all during each song and acted as if each one was their first. Caines danced on stage with twitchy, Thom Yorke-esque motions using his microphone stand to keep him on his feet. It didn’t take long for their drummer to take his shirt off mid-song.


Coasts saved their hits for towards the end of their ten-song set. The band ended with “Oceans”, their most popular song with over 12 million streams on Spotify. Immersed in the crowd, I heard many surprised concert goers saying “Oh! I know this song!”, pleasantly surprised, as the band began to play the catchy summertime song.


After playing “Oceans”, Coasts told the audience they would be at the merch stand after their set for anyone who would like to say hello. Fans quickly rushed back to the stand to meet the band after their sweaty, upbeat, whirlwind of a set.

The Hunna-19
In between sets, music to the likes of fans of The Hunna was played. It was almost as if there was a second opening act as fans danced and sang along to the songs, still running off adrenaline from Coasts and getting pumped up for The Hunna. Hits from artists such as Cage the Elephant, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetics Zeros, and The Lumineers played loudly over the speakers before The Hunna hit the stage.

The Hunna-07

As the roadies prepared for the band to perform, fans witnessed British culture at its finest as one of the men set out a cup of tea for lead singer, Ryan Potter. Later, during the show, a fan yelled out “What kind of tea is that?!” and Potter responded with a laugh, “throat coat”.

The Hunna released their first and only album 100 back in 2016 and instantly gained fans through social media. They released the album after being together for ten months, quickly hit the road, and have been working hard non-stop ever since. With album two on the way, the band squeezed in one last tour for the U.S. before the new material is to be released. Having already put out a few singles that will be featured on their sophomore album, the band took the tour as an opportunity to hype up their fans for Dare, scheduled to release May 25 this year.

The Hunna-22

The band hit the stage at 9:30pm and opened up with “You & Me”. Potter walked out on stage, long bleach blonde hair, tattoos, and all, in his prime with a green flannel shirt on unbuttoned down to the third notch and combat boots with a black and white design fit for a king.


Music pounded out of the speakers as each band member thrashed on their guitars and Street hammered on the drums. It definitely was rock level volume. As the bass guitar was plucked, I felt its rhythm inside my chest. The band then proceeded to play “Still Got Blood” as Potter wailed into the microphone.

The Hunna’s set, although extremely enjoyable and entertaining, was only an hour long, comprised of thirteen songs. Compared to Coasts, who opened and sang 9 songs, The Hunna’s set didn’t end up being much longer. However, they did go to the merch stand after their set and meet any fans who wanted to chat or get a picture. At least three quarters of the crowd fled to the back of the venue after the show.

The band sang all of their most recent singles including “Y.D.W.I.W.M.”, “Flickin’ Your Hair”, and “Dare”. In between songs, a fan yelled “I LOVE YOU” and Potter responded with his British charm, “thank you, sweetheart”, and then blew a kiss. After that, fans continued to yell witty comments at the band and Potter declared Charlotte as “the city with the best comments”.

After playing “Rock My Way”, a more positive song compared to the rest of the Hunna’s music, Potter introduced the next song by saying “This song is a little meaner… are you ready to get meaner Charlotte?”

Screams from the crowd affirmed his question and Potter dove right into “She’s Casual”, one of their biggest hits with over 16 million streams on Spotify. As soon as the first guitar chord was played, fans pulled cell phones out to record the iconic moment. The song started off slowly with simple guitar strums from Potter and when the chorus hit, the rest of the band joined in making for a musical climax. At this point, everyone in the venue was singing along.

The Hunna-08

With no encore, the band thanked the crowd multiple times for attending the show and promised they would be back soon. Potter said, “we’re just four best friends who love making music together” and continued to thank the crowd for supporting them.

The band ended with “Bonfire”, a passionately angry song. If there’s one thing to be said after seeing The Hunna, although they have a rock edge to their music, they truly are a down to earth band. Not only this, but they are original and don’t let the repetitive tour life routine affect the spontaneity of their shows. Potter’s ability to speak openly to the crowd without saying the same thing he says every night, only adds to the reason why we love The Hunna and you should too. They still have a few U.S. dates left so make sure to check them out if they are in a city near you!

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