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WinterJam 2018 Rocks The Ford Center

It’s that time of year again when Winterjam puts together a star studded line up for what some fans are calling the biggest tour Winterjam has ever assembled, with Skillet headlining. Arriving an hour before doors opened the streets of Evansville, Indiana were flooded with throws of people all around The Ford Center. As I made my way inside I found thousands of people lined up in front of Skillet’s merchandise booths. That’s right more than one. These Panheads love their Skillet Music.

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Once the lights went dark, the first band hit the stage: Westover. A funky and pop-driven band got the crowd on their feet and jumping up and down! Moving on into the pre-jam party was Mallory Hope. With the voice of an angel and powerhouse lyrics, she gave the Evansville crowd their moneys worth for the early entry party.

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Closing out the opening lineup was Dan Bremnes. He sounded like Ed Sheeran and plays like Adam Levine. This pre-jam party was one for the record books!

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With several awesome and inspiring videos in between artist setups it was time for the show to officially kick off with artist Jordan Feliz! The folksy and soulful charm of Jordan Feliz was one of the many reasons fans, old and new alike, were so pumped for this stellar performance. Let’s all just hope this talented California native will return to the Winterjam stage in 2019!

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Taking the stage next was founders of Winterjam and our hosts for the night, Newsong. Don’t be fooled by the fact that these guys are openers, Newsong has always had a way of inspiring people and promoting the message of this tour with passion and fire. Anytime they take the stage you’re in for a real treat.

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Up next in this star studded lineup was KB. a rapper who has no shame in his game. A performance that would have everyone bobbing their heads and waving their hands was what Evansville would receive. KB has enough energy to carry any tour into the night with high octane passion and power you would be crazy to miss this show!

KB 7 (1 of 1)

Every now and then we get something different, special, in a tour like this. Well, that’s exactly what Evansville, Indiana got this night! Comedian John Crist brought the laughs to The Ford Center, gut busting, fall out of your chair laughs.

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From talking about how goofy and strange his childhood was to how hilarious life in general can truly be, John Crist reminded us all its okay to smile and have a few laughs at life!

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To the stage next was Kari Jobe. The angelic and joyous voice of a generation. Letting out all her hits and even having her husband and bandmate to sing a tune with her, Kari and Cody gave it all to the crowd for a wonderful and melodic performance.

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Warming up the crowd for the main act was Building 429. These guys are no stranger to big tours and a multitude of faces. Singing many new songs and a couple old ones, Building 429 was amped and ready to go on this wonderful and awesome night of music!

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Lead singer Jason Roy and guitarist Jesse Garcia were all over the stage with pure excitement for this show and it sure showed! Do not miss an opportunity to see these guys live!

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The time had finally come for WinterJam’s main act, Skillet. The veteran rockers took to the stage, with the exception of John Cooper, who took to the catwalk to begin their hit “Invincible,” only that wasn’t John Cooper, it was an imposter! Suddenly the lights came up and down from the rafters came Cooper!

Skillet 17 (1 of 1)

We all felt invincible after that performance! Hit after hit after hit, Skillet dominated this show with fire and fury. Even taking to the crowd to dedicate a song to a little girl who loved Skillet so much she made a sign, to riding cool stands to a second stage in the back if the arena to play an acoustic version of their song Stars.

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Closing the night out with energy and passion, Skillet lit up the stage, quite literally, with so much fire and pyro! This show was one that would go down in the record books if WinterJam and The Ford Center! Be sure to check out WinterJam 2018 and the amazing lineup they have in a city near you!

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