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Winter Metal Fest 2k18

Winter Metal Fest 2k18

Photos by: Kevin McGee

The Queen City’s local scene is a alive and well, as proved by the series of free shows at the Underground. The music scene in any city consists of more than just the bands you see on stage. Photogs, other musicians, promoters, club owners, and everyone in between can be found at any local gig, giving these shows that much more magic. All were present at the Underground this weekend as Arborlea, Kairos, Black Ritual, Something Clever, and Violent Life Violent Death played to a crowd of almost 700. Also in attendedance were local musicians who weren’t playing, but spending their night at a venue; members of Reason Define, Raimee, Written In Gray, Knightmare, Death of August, Vices & Vessels, and Blackwater Drowning were spotted in the crowded venue. 

Check out a gallery of the night below. Head over to the Underground’s calendar so you don’t miss another show!

Violent Life Violent Death


Violent Life Violent Death - 03
Violent Life Violent Death - 04

Violent Life Violent Death - 06
Violent Life Violent Death - 10

Something Clever


Somethine Clever - 08
Somethine Clever - 09

Somethine Clever - 04

Somethine Clever - 05

Black Ritual


Black Ritual - 05

Black Ritual - 10



Kairos - 10
Kairos - 02
Kairos - 01



Arborlea - 07
Arborlea - 02Arborlea - 10

Check out the full gallery here!

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