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Whitesnake take The Flesh & Blood World Tour to The Paramount NY

Whitesnake World Tour

Diane Woodcheke

David Coverdale has led the band Whitesnake since 1978, not long after parting with Deep Purple. The powerhouse vocalist was with Deep Purple for three years from 1973 to 1976. From there he started a solo career which led to the formation of Whitesnake. Over the years since he has continued with his solo career. He also had a collaboration with Jimmy Page which produced the 1993 release, Coverdale-Page. But Whitesnake would prove to be a force he could not resist as time and again there would be reformations of the band.


Whitesnake released their thirteenth studio album Flesh & Blood on May 10th. Two days before its release, Long Island, NY fans came out to support their favorite band for their show at The Paramount in Huntington. The show was completely sold out. Many of them were wearing their Whitesnake tour t-shirts from over the many years of seeing them live in the past. They had an energy to them and were clearly pumped and ready to rock with their band again this night too.

TheBlackMoods_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2019_ (1)

Getting the music rocking this evening was a trio that hails from Tempe, AZ, The Black Moods. Since releasing their self-titled CD in 2012, the band has been on the road taking their style of rock to the masses. They released their next CD, Medicine in 2016. It was in the summer of 2018 that the single “Bella Donna” hit the airwaves and brought them a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Rock Chart.

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With a fanbase of their own, many of them came early to support them. It was no surprise when Josh Kennedy (vocals/guitar), Jordan Hoffman (bass) and Chico Diaz (drums) came out on stage the audience burst into cheers.

TheBlackMoods_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2019_ (10)

They hit the crowd hard with a snippet of The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” but then led them into their original sound with song off of their CD’s such as “Can’t Sleep at Night,” “Right Now Anywhere,” “Whenever It Rains,” “Bad News” and of course “Bella Donna.”

TheBlackMoods_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2019_ (21)

Midway through their set everyone was excited to be treated to a special guest, Robin Wilson. Lead singer of the Gin Blossoms and friend to The Black Moods, he joined them on stage for a Tom Petty cover of “I Need To Know” and the crowd sang right along. This band not only has a lot of energy, but they have a lot of personality too. Be sure to keep a close eye and ear on this group as its very likely we will be hearing a lot more good tunes from them.

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (13)

During the intermission more and more Whitesnake fans were consuming any open space left on the venue’s general admission floor. The excitement was evident as occasional bursts of cheers would spontaneously erupt. As the time drew closer for start time, the fans pushed just a little closer to the stage.

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (32)

It was when the lights dimmed and The Who song “My Generation” started playing over the PA system the energy rose to new heights.

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (33)

Then when David Coverdale (vocals), Joel Hoekstra (guitar), Reb Beach (guitar), Michael Devin (bass), Michele Luppi (keyboard) and Tommy Aldridge (drums) came out on stage, metal hands rose in the air and there was a roar like no other. The band kicked it in to high gear along with their fans. They got right into it with “Bad Boys.”

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (7)

After the first couple of verses, Coverdale stood with his back to the audience and gestured to his shirt, which said Make Some F@ckin’ Noise and the fans willingly complied.

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (28)


Coverdale said “hello” and expressed gratitude, then got right back to business with “Slide It In,”

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (22)

“Gonna Be Alright” and “Love Ain’t No Stranger.” The band was rocking as Coverdale freely moved about the stage as they kept the vibe going with “Hey You (You Make Me Rock),” “Slow an’ Easy” and “Trouble Is Your Middle Name.” Then it was time for a break from the usual routine as Hoekstra and Beach melted faces with their amazing dueling guitars session.

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (35)

Giving the fans a taste of the new album, they did “Shut Up & Kiss Me.” During the next song, “Get Up,” all the drummers in the house got their fix with an all-out classic drum solo by Aldridge. Some fans thought they could keep up with him as they played their air drums but they were no match to the fury of such a seasoned pro.

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (1)

As if all this was not exciting enough, it was really time for the fans to participate even more in the fun. From the very first note, cell phones rose high and so did their voices as they sang along to “Is This Love.” Coverdale did a proper introduction of the band before they played “Give Me All Your Love.”

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (27)

And then came the conclusion of the show with two more cell catching sing along songs, “Here I Go Again” and “Still of the Night.” It was a fantastic show and the fans clearly enjoyed every minute of it.

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (9)

Coverdale sounded amazing and the musicians were all completely on point. Aldridge’s drum solo was through the roof and the dueling guitars of Hoekstra and Beach were supreme. The United States leg of the tour will end on May 18th, then the band heads to Europe in June.

Whitesnake_DianeWoodcheke_5-8-2018_ (64)

But with the new album out now, U.S. fans can hope that they will return to tour here again soon. Keep a watch on their site and should the opportunity arise to see them live, grab your tickets fast.

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