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Whiskey, gourmet food, and alt rock legends: Welcome to Louder Than Life

Louder Than Life 2018 (Sept.28th-30th)

It’s back and bigger than ever! The biggest whiskey, food, and rock festival in the world returns for its annual explosive, action-packed weekend in September! Each year the good people at Louder Than Life promise to fulfill our entertainment hopes and dreams of the best food, whiskey, and live music, all in the same place. This year is a different story, with a lineup that has been sweeping the surrounding states. With bands like, Godsmack, Deftones, Shinedown, Body Count, The Fever 333, Breaking Benjamin, Tremonti and much much more, this year’s lineup is already rocking and we’re so close that you can hear it.

Louder Than Life has been growing each year, building up to the announcement of their lineup, social media buzzes with excitement and anxious fans wait not-so-patiently to see if their favorite bands will be playing. We are being graced with a very rare band this year, one that hasn’t performed in quite some time. This year Nine Inch Nails will be headlining day three of the Louder Than Life stage! If you have ever wanted the chance to see Trent Reznor and company year it up, you better buy your tickets and show them all the love you’ve got!

We have a few artists on our “must see” list!

Fresh off the heels their brand new album Ember, Breaking Benjamin will be playing the Louder Than Life stage on day one, blowing us all away with some new music as well as tunes we know and love from previous albums! Breaking Benjamin have been around the music scene for a while and have been crushing it at festivals for several years as well. With a co-headlining tour alongside Avenged Sevenfold already in the books, the band has been hard at work on gaining momentum this year with various shows, building up to Louder Than Life 2018. So you can guarantee that their performance in Louisville will be one to tell all your friends about for the next year to come!

Black Stone Cherry is a name that is synonymous with music festivals. After just recently playing several festivals over in Europe, the guys in BSC are now playing the one of the biggest ones in their home state of Kentucky. Releasing Family Tree just this year, the band are out touring the massively meaningful and statement driven record while changing their now massive set-list up with each show they play. If we know one thing about these guys, we know that they always bring the heat every time their feet hit the stage, so come out to this year’s party and rock with Black Stone Cherry.

One artist to watch for this year is legendary guitarist Mark Tremonti’s band Tremonti, the Grammy winning guitarist that has blazed a trail that burns brighter every year. Mark Tremonti has just released his fourth solo record with band mates, Erick Friedman, Tanner Keegan, and Garrett Whitlock. The new record titled A Dying Machine is the band’s first concept record that tells a hell of a story packed with gritty and deep roots. This masterpiece record is a gnarly addition to Tremonti’s track record. This one is a band I’m eager as hell to see live again, having first seen them live before getting into the industry back in 2014 in Nashville. I was not disappointed seeing Mark in new light, a beautiful change from Alter Bridge. You can bet your ass that Tremonti will be setting fire to the stage this year!

Godsmack they’re back and the band is taking no prisoners. Touting the world with a new record via When Legends Rise, Godsmack is looking to come back to Kentucky with a bang. One thing you are promised at a Godsmack show is battling guitars, gritty vocals, dueling drums (that’s right, dueling damn drums), and an overall badass performance from veteran rockers who haven’t and aren’t going anywhere any time soon!

Sevendust are coming back to Kentucky, and they are in good company having played with several of the bands in this year’s lineup. One thing we know for sure is when bands who’ve played together, come together to be in one place, there’s an energy that cannot be tamed or contained, so you can be damn sure that Sevendust will come out guns blazing! Lead singer Lajon Witherspoon and Morgan Rose feed off of things like this amazing festival and will sure to crank out some old school tunes, and accompany them with a few new ones like “Dirty”, “Medicated” and “Not Original”. It’s one thing to see one of the best bands in a venue, it’s another to experience them in Festival form, so buy your tickets before it’s too late.

Attention! Attention! Shinedown is playing this year’s show! The band is no stranger to large music festivals, and they are no strangers to melting an entire crowd down to ash either. Well let’s hope they don’t do that, but we do want to be blown away in a very musical sense all the way back to the soundboard. Smith, Meyers, and company are welcomed back with a roar. From the time this year’s festival was announced my social media was buzzing with excited fans talking about their experience at some recent Shinedown shows over the past few weeks saying how this band has a new life in them and it is refreshing to see. 

The Deftones are rolling into Kentucky this year. Will we hear new music? For those of you who have never seen them live (yes I’m one of the guilty ones) you don’t have to live through YouTube anymore!  The Deftones will be here and they’ll be rocking us all into the night with some of our favorite songs like “Diamond Eyes”, “Bloody Cape”, “Minerva”, “Change (In The House Of Flies)” and many many more! I am for sure excited to be seeing these guys live for the first time. There is an energy that they bring to any stage that is so amazing to see. Let’s make them feel welcome this year and show up and show out for the Deftones.

Asking Alexandria is headed to the stage this year to give us all a visceral show. Since touring this year they have been gaining a ton of momentum that is leading to a performance we all have come to know and love from these guys. However with festival season in full swing, you can be sure that Asking Alexandria locked and loaded to take us into the fire!

The Fever 333 is a band that has been breathing new life into music with their infectious sound, ground shaking lyrics, and a stage presence unlike any other. Marking the first time for The Fever 333 to play in the state of Kentucky, I have a good feeling that the band will leave their mark on the LTF fans. Who knows, maybe we will leave our mark on The Fever 333 and see them at next year’s show?

As you can see, we have an all out assault on the senses coming at this year’s Louder Than Life with so many bands who will take us to the brink of war, show us how legends rise, show us the way to the butcher and make sure we are paying attention to the guts and glory that these bands will bring us. If you haven’t been keeping up, let’s just recap a brief breakdown of what’s happening here. Gourmet food (check), bourbon, beer, speakeasies (check), merch booths galore (check), the baddest bands on the planet (check), Nine Inch Nails back on the music circuit (CHECK), beautiful music loving fans (check). What more could you ask for in a festival experience? The people have spoken, you’ve been heard, so come out to Champions Park in beautiful Louisville Kentucky and rock out with us this year!

Brandon Hanks is a photojournalist hailing from Owensboro, Kentucky. Brandon started his obsession with photography dating back to 2001. Since getting his first taste of the music industry in 2016 with Nothing More, he has since worked with some of his favorites to some of the biggest names in music: Black Stone Cherry, Highly Suspect, Bush, Skillet, Green Day, and Scott Stapp. "If you were to tell me I'd be doing this (concert photography) with the artists I've worked with in my first year, I'd call you a liar," said Hanks. Brandon's fire and willingness to adapt to any setting and environment while being able to take on any challenge thrown at him makes him a force and a future in this industry looks brighter with every show. "Grateful, Humbled, Unbelievable, Rise Up." All words Brandon lives by.

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