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What A Songwriter!

Riley Green returns to Milwaukee

If you are looking for songs that will stand the test of time, then do not miss Riley Green! I am just going to cut to the chase instead of debating what has happened to decades of new songs which simply do not stand the test of time or even the test of next week. I love relatable songs that get me in the feels, and no matter how many years pass; I still listen to those songs. We have lost so many great songwriters, which is why I believe, it is paramount we have new writers to pick us up and live with us, on our turntables, in our cars, and when we see them perform.  

Riley Green 4

Riley who?
Riley Green was new to me last year when I saw his name on a summer festival list and decided to check him out on YouTube. “In Love By Now” and “There Was This Girl,” were the first two of his songs I heard. Both inspired me to keep checking Riley out and both songs were performed during his 01/04/20 show at Milwaukee’s Rave. When I read his Bio, I easily understood that his journey as a Songwriter/Performer is his destiny. His country soul was nurtured from his visits inside his Grandfather’s ‘Golden Saw Music Hall, ’ and listening to music, including Southern Gospel.

Great Lyrics require Great music; including covers
The lyrics of songs can be undermined when the music falls short. The music has to be equally as inviting me to return as the lyrics. In Riley’s case, I believe the reason he continues his successful climb is that his songs have the level of music to showcase his lyrics, making the experience of feeling both the notes with his lyrics, and his band rises to the serving by offering us at a level all artists wish to achieve. This even happens with the covers Riley and his band perform, including Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City,” and their Johnny Cash/Allen Collins & Ronnie Van Zant/John Anderson “Folsom Prison/The Ballad of Curtis Loew/Seminole Wind” medley.     

Riley Green 1

Sold out Show!
Riley sold out The Rave, with a crowd size greater than the 655 capacity sign on the wall, making me wonder which larger Milwaukee venue we will see him headline upon his return. It is clear to me this is the last time we will see him in a smaller venue setting. His Milwaukee audience had fans of all ages, ranging from children to grandparents, and plenty of fans of ages in between, all of which sure know his songs!  I interviewed members of this audience, asking them what it was about Riley they liked. The most consistent response was “His songwriting is so relatable!”

The greatest song he has written to date, “I Wish Grandpas Never Died,” is a beautiful masterpiece, pulling both relatable heartstrings and gently nudging our own grandpa memories, by Riley sharing memories we can all relate to. Experiencing him perform this song live was something beyond amazing for many of us, as we sang along with tears rolling from many eyes. We know Riley gets us and he knows we get him. I will take this one step further by saying it’s that Southern Gospel he breathes into what he does.

Riley Green

What’s next?
Riley has a few more stops on his own tour before he joins Jason Aldean’s “We Back” tour. The first leg of “We Back” includes Madison, 03/12/20, as our next chance to see Riley in WI again. I am hopeful we see a Milwaukee date added to “We Back,” and I also look forward to seeing Riley as the headliner of his own tour when he returns to a larger Milwaukee venue.  In the meantime, I will be looking out for all the new songs he releases.

Riley Green Set List 01/04/20
Get That Man A Beer
Atlantic City
In Love By Now
Betting Man
Running with an Angel
In Color
Georgia Time
Same Old Song
When She Comes Home
Different Round Here
Bury Me In Dixie
There Was This Girl
Dixieland Medley

Trea Landon opened for Riley Green

I knew very little about Trea Landon before he took the stage to open for Riley Green.  During Trea’s performance of “Get the Girl,” he convincingly gave me pause, as I instantly thought:  wait, how does someone so young understand something many men fail to grasp over their entire lifetime?  After listing to some of his other songs, including his current hit “Loved by a Country Boy,” (which is factual to any of us who have been loved by a country boy), it’s clear, to me, Trea Landon is authentically romantic at heart, and some sort of an old soul understanding of love and life. His “A Little Bit” had the crowd singing and dancing along in full agreement. 

Trea Landon 2

Who is the guitarist?
Trea’s guitarist, Graham Lyons, is quite the showman with legitimate skills, adding to Trea’s genuine performance.  At one point I was wondering if Joe Perry had a guitar-playing son I did not know about, given the vibe Graham has onstage (I confirmed Graham is not related to Joe Perry).

Graham Lyons with Trea Landon 6

What’s next?
Trea Landon has a few more dates of opening for Riley, followed by several dates headlining his own tour. While I did not see any return dates to Milwaukee, yet, I will definitely be following Trea Landon and Graham, because I want to see them again, as well as check out their new music.   

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