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Welcome To The Wild and Wonderful World Of Walk Off The Earth

Charlotte Fans Were Treated To A Spectacular Live Show At The Fillmore

There are some bands that play a traditional live set and some bands that take creativity to a whole new level. They like to think out of the box and experiment with new ideas both musically and visually. But what if there was a group that thought so far out of the box that there wasn’t even a box? Such a group exists and they are called Walk Off The Earth.


WOTE is a band that doesn’t like to take no for an answer. If someone says, “Hey, you can’t do that on stage,” they do it anyway.  Walk Off The Earth ups the ante, taking a live concert experience and turning it into an adventure that you must see in order to believe. This past Tuesday evening, Walk Off The Earth made a stop at The Fillmore Charlotte and brought their wild, wonderful, and wacky ways with them.


It has been quite a few years since WOTE performed in Charlotte and by the time I made my way into the venue, it was packed with fans standing shoulder to shoulder in order to get as close as possible to the action. Kicking off the evening’s festivities was an opening set by Tessa Violet. Tessa, formerly known as Meekakitty, is a singer-songwriter that rose to fame as a video blogger on YouTube. As an internet personality, Tessa focused on music videos, fashion modeling, and everything in between.  


After winning a nice lump of change in a YouTube contest, her focus shifted to creating her own music with her debut album Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled released in 2014. Her newest record Bad Ideas came out this year and spawned a hit with the single “Crush”. With Tessa’s unique background, she seemed a perfect fit to open up for Walk Off The Earth.  When the venue lights dimmed, Tessa Violet came out in a bright yellow jumpsuit and matching cap, lifting her arms in the air and posing for the audience. The mood was upbeat, fun, and quirky as she joked with the fans and acted silly between songs. Tessa would handle guitar duties herself but had a drummer accompanying her.


Unfortunately for Tessa, her charms were for the most part lost on the audience. I’m not sure what happened, but she couldn’t quite make a solid connection with the crowd. Vocally, she sounded great with a solid set of pipes that carried well and her drummer was nothing if not amazing. While it is apparent her forte is in front of a camera, Tessa Violet has a promising career ahead of her and I am looking forward to see how her live show progresses as she becomes more and more comfortable in front of a live audience.


Once Tessa exited the stage and the crew began setting up for the main attraction, the energy level within the Fillmore increased tenfold. There were a lot of WOTE fans anxiously waiting for what was to come.


The Canadian indie-pop band got their start on YouTube as well, recording covers of hit pop songs in unique styles and incorporating a wide variety of instruments not often seen with a pop or rock band. Their stage set up was intriguing with a riser of steps in the middle of the stage and drums set up everywhere. When the lights dimmed, WOTE made their appearance.


The venue absolutely erupted in cheers and screams and the nonstop action began. From the very first notes, Walk Off The Earth was literally all over the place. The drums on each side of the stage began billowing with smoke as bassist Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio ran from side to side pounding on the drums.


Joining him were vocalist Sarah Blackwood, guitarist Ryan Marshall, keyboardist Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor, and drummer Joel Cassidy along with a plethora of crew members. From that point on, it was a whirlwind of activity for the rest of the night. Instruments were swapped out for others as bands members tossed them through the air with acrobatic skill as crew members caught them.


The atmosphere was part rock show, part circus and the fans ate it up. Where else will you see electric guitars, ukuleles, banjos, kazoos, slide whistles, and even a theremin all played on the same song?


Don’t let all the chaos and excitement fool you though. Walk Off The Earth isn’t just a dog and pony show. The band members are extremely talented musically and technically, and the band plays together like a well oiled machine.


Not once during their amazing performance did the showmanship and entertainment factor take precedence over the quality of the music. Sarah Blackwood sounded amazing whether kicking and dancing up front or taking a seat on the risers for a more poignant moment. She even took the time to walk the barricade, high-fiving and hugging fans up front.


There were too many highlights to mention during the show but I will mention a few. The band played their extraordinary cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” from the top of the riser where all five members played one guitar.


Another exciting moment came with an audience sing-along to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” After the first verse, all the band left the stage except for keyboardist Mike Taylor who was situated at the top of a riser, flooded with spotlights to continue the song solely with him on piano and the audience taking over vocal duties.


It was one of those concert moments that unite the crowd as one and transcend everyday life as you simply enjoy the moment. There were goosebumps galore and I’m sure a ton of cell phone videos of the magical moment. Capping off the evening, was a roof raising version of “Sing It All Away”, complete with plumes of smoke and confetti cannons galore.


The crowd was on a musical high as they made their way out of the venue laughing and chatting about what a fantastic show it was. If you get the chance to see Walk Off The Earth at a live show, do not miss it!
If you’ve never heard of Walk Off The Earth, go check them out on You Tube now. This is a group that will amaze you. Grab your tickets to a show today and get ready for the wild, wonderful, and wacky ride that only WOTE can provide.


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