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Weezer Show Us The Good Life At MusikFest Day 4

Weezer Give The Feels Of Summer At MusikFest 2019

If you don’t know what MusikFest is, my friends, you are missing out. The week and a half long music, arts, and food festival was founded in 1984 thanks to the folks at ArtsQuest. MusikFest takes over the town of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. In its first year, the festival featured 295 performances on six stages and attracted 180,000 people to the city. 

Fast forward 36 years later and the city’s annual festival has grown exponentially. The fest holds its ground now as one of the largest and most diverse music festivals in the nation. This year the event has 500+ shows on 16 stages over the course of ten days! Each year more than 900,000 people make their way to the Lehigh Valley extravaganza.

Weezer 12

ArtsQuest is a community based non-profit focused on bringing the arts to the community. Thanks to almost 2,000 volunteers, 150 or so corporate partners, the city of Bethlehem, and of course the performers, MusikFest remains the largest free music festival in the country. The ten days are filled with music of virtually every genre imaginable and food and drinks are available pretty much everywhere you go throughout the city-wide event. Everything from funnel cake and waffles with ice cream to pulled pork tacos and burgers are for the taking.  

This year’s festival began on August 2nd and will run until August 11th. Performers include The Chainsmokers, Lady Antebellum, Weezer, Godsmack, Incubus, Brad Paisley, Goo Goo Dolls, Train, Phillip Phillips, The Revivalists and so many more!

Weezer 8

I made my way out to experience this gem for a second year because last years Musikfest was a blast. So I found myself this year making the trek to Pennsylvania on a perfect August Monday to see Weezer’s performance and of course eat, because what’s better than great music, good food, and ice cold beer in the summer? Nothing! The answer to that should only be nothing, come on people keep up here.

Weezer 9

As I arrived in Bethlehem, it just felt right…exciting even. Everywhere I turned, walked, and at times even drove, there was something awesome happening. People were flooding the streets and various walkways throughout the city with their coffees, ice cream cones, and hot dogs and the place was all smiles. There are even some places to escape the heat and cool off, while somehow still being able to experience the festivities. 

It’s literally a giant arts community and fans of the arts all coming together for an open-minded, stress-free, and amazing time.

Closing out the fourth night of MusikFest was the fun loving, party guy’s of Weezer

Weezer 16_

The Weezer boys recently sparked massive excitement with their cover of Toto’s classic “Africa”, which also led to the band releasing an album of covers titled The Teal Album in which the band covers classics by Black Sabbath, The Eurythmics, Tears For Fears, Michael Jackson, TLC and more.

Weezer 20

The guys also released their latest studio album Black Album on March 1st of 2019, so the band has been quite busy this year.

Weezer 7

Weezer kicked off the 19 song set with their classic “Buddy Holly”, before going into fan favorites like “My Name Is Jonas”, “Africa” and “Hash Pipe”

Weezer 13

Vocalist Rivers was all smiles and feeling festive with his summer hat, as he sang his heart out sounding as good as ever. The whole band in fact look like they were having the time of their lives and why not? Musikfest offers bands a unique experience with fans in a great environment. 

Weezer 24_

Weezer had a good balance of covers which included TLC’s “No Scrubs” and “Take on Me” by a-ha as well as their hits like “Beverly Hills”, “Island in the Sun” and the set’s closing track “Say it ain’t so” which fans could be heard echoing throughout the festival grounds. 

Weezer 4_

The MusikFest crowd was more than happy with the set and fans walked out still singing along!

Stay tuned for our coverage of Day 6 of MusikFest with Brandon Boyd and Incubus!

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