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We Don’t Have To Be Machines with Reverbnation’s Our Future Leaders

Breakout Artist: Our Future Leaders

By: Shumara Thomas

I remember when hearing great rock music was as simple as turning on the radio to your favorite station. Now our search is more streamlined and efficient. Click a few keys on your computer or phone and you virtually have an unlimited amount of musicians and new music to choose from. It’s a beautiful nightmare because all that choice can be daunting. That new open door also ushers in artists that have blurred the lines so much lately, it is getting harder to definitively pinpoint exactly what genre of music they represent. Mashups aren’t a bad thing, honestly it’s rarely one sort of music alone that inspires creativity but that’s besides the point. Sometimes you just want to hear a good rock song to jam out to. To pretend mosh pit to in your house while you try to act like it’s just another normal Tuesday. Behold Reverbnation artists, Our Future Leaders.

This Orlando, FL based group volleys between classic and alternative rock. Band members consist of lead vocalist Brian Strean, lead guitar Danny Foote, and drummer Daniel Blume. They are the sort of band that would’ve received all sorts of adoration on MTV back-in-day, you know when music was actually its main feature.

Their EP, Machines, is a hard-hitting five song debut that has no filler, no fluff, nary a “radio-friendly single” to be found on it.  Produced by Casey Daniel’s of Seven Mary Three, it has a head-banging, first pumping nostalgic purity that I haven’t heard in quite a while from a rock band.

Take the track, “Kill The Youth.” It opens right up with a killer guitar riff to amp you up as Brian Strean laments about our disenfranchised youth. The lyrics touch on our broken education system and capitalism that is geared more towards creating consumers than critical thinkers with lyrics like “Have no vision/Have no goals/You just do just what you’re told/ You will never see success/Spend more, think less.” It fits right in with the band’s motto, “We don’t all have to be machines.”

“Obtain” is less shredding, leaning closer to classic rock but it’s still a banger. Brian Strean shows more vocal ability on this song as well, so you get see musicality and diversity on this song without the band straying too far off the beaten path they’ve created for themselves.

Their newest single, “
Sleep Silent,” released this past spring of 2018 hits back to those strong rock vibes that Machines originally gave us at its initial release. Featuring guitarist Victor Randle, this track is hard and I think shows the star power this band truly has. You can see their growth with it, it’s metal but melodic with that angst that makes rock music, rock music. I dig the hook and the gut punch lyrics: “We’ll make your decisions for you/Give you your opinion so you can sleep.” Simple but thought provoking words and overall the song is enjoyable even if you’re not a huge rock fan.

They’ve even released a
video for this track that you should definitely check out. I like where Our Future Leaders are going with the new single so hopefully this means it won’t take long for them to release a new project. The time is right for them to really breakout, and Shutter16 Magazine looks forward to being there for their future success!

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