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Warped Tour bands fight back at The Westboro Baptist Church

God Hates Fags?…and apparently Warped Tour Too!

The Westboro Baptist Church. Yes, that notorious group who a lot of us love to hate is at it again. This time, the group of LGBTQ haters has taken to picketing one of our favorite summer touring summer shows. That’s right, when Vans Warped Tour rolled through Kansas City this past week, it was met with the hateful signs and protesters we know so well. Now obviously the bands handled the situation with flying colors, and lots of laughter and support for our LGBTQ community ensued.

“That’s why I’m on Warped Tour, to suck a bunch of dicks” guitarist Josh James of Stick to Your Guns replied to a protester when she told him to “stop fornicating with men.”



Obviously some laughs ensued when the members of various bands took to the street to converse with the members of the hate-filled church, and what better time to have a photoshoot or two? Countless pictures and videos flooded Twitter as the band members shared their love and support for LGBTQ community. Christopher Bowes vocalist for Alestorm didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to hold up a sign of his own. “God Hates Pirates” covered a white poster board as Bowes hit back at the church in a lighthearted way.


Repent ye sinners! Only through the royal navy shalt thee find salvation! #westborobaptistchurch #godhatesfigs #alestorm

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One of the most excited band members to show up against the church is definitely Chris Fronzak or “Fronz” vocalist for Attila. The moment Fronz found out of the church’s plans to protest Warped, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the movement put on by the hateful members of the “church.” “Tomorrow’s gonna be LIT, who’s ready to watch Westboro Baptist protest my dick?”  

Bryce Hall, a very talented photographer, was able to catch numerous shots of the  bandmembers giving the bird to the picketers and their hateful signs. “Hate doesn’t belong here,” the photographer tweeted with several shots from the location of the protest.


Another amazing aspect of the whole ordeal was the attire the band members wore in front of the god fearing hate spreaders. Produced by BlackCraft Cult Clothing company, the obviously blackshirts held a message that many people hold near and dear to their hearts: “Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church”

One great thing about Vans Warped Tour is that people from all walks of life are accepted for who they are. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, gay, trans, asexual, pansexual, or even into BDSM. It’s all about our love for the music. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet took to Twitter to say he was going to offer the member of Westboro Baptist mini fried doughnuts and canned Water by Monster in hopes of them growing up.


My absolute favorite moment and photo of the whole display against the Westboro Baptist Church shows a lot more then two guys making out. It shows that no matter what, love with conquer everything. Remember Hall, that awesome photographer I mentioned? He caught a photo of I Prevails screamer Eric Vanlerberghe kissing his friend and I Prevails merch guy Dominic Mackie in front of Shirley Phelps-Roper who has been one of the Westboro Baptist Church’s more known members.


Other members of I Prevail joined this epic clash of clans along with members of Alestorm, Sylar, Creeper, and countless others. This is not the first time the Westboro Baptist Church has protested music performances. They have gone up against rock legends Foo Fighters, country star Brad Paisley, and even the country acapella group Home Free.


But with all the protesting one thing remains the same. Love is love, music is music, and we’re all going to do what we want to anyway so keep the protesting inside your place of worship.


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