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Warped Interview Series: GWAR’s Pustulas Maximus talks about Touring, music, and gory shows

GWAR’s Newest Scumdog

Since 1995, Warped Tour has been the must go to festival of the summer. One of the coolest things about this summer-long event is those few precious minutes where we are able to catch a quick word with the musicians who make the tour worth seeing. Follow along with S16’s Warped Tour rep Cindy McBride as she tells the tales of bands like The Acaia Strain, Alestorm, Fit For A King, and more! Today’s Warped Tour interview is metal’s bloodiest name, GWAR.


If you or your parents were rock fans in the eighties, then you have at least heard of the notorious members of the Scumdogs of the Universe. These crazed warriors whose crimes were deemed too violent for the Universe were banished to Earth until all the wrongs of our planet brought them out of hibernation. Thus the members of GWAR showed us their glorious talents. This was my last interview of the day before I was able to join the photo pits, and definitely my most anticipated.

Around eight thirty p.m., I was escorted backstage along with my fellow press buddies to finally meet the group I’ve been listening too since ‘98. To say I was fangirling a little bit was an understatement. The member I was lucky enough to interview was guitarist Pustulas Maximus, the newest member of GWAR. This guy was way taller than I expected him to be, which only added to the anxiousness I was now feeling. I had my questions prepared ahead of time, the answers I received however were definitely not what I was expecting. The first question was how the tour going so far.


“It sucks. It’s hot as hell, but it’s getting better,” he laughed as he held up a can of beer. “I’m planning on drinking 50 or so of them.” I asked why such a low number to which he replied: “Well I’m already on number 44, so not to bad for hours.”

With GWAR’S arrival into the music world back in the eighties, it’s safe to say that the industry has changed significantly. I asked Maximus how he thought the industry, along with the fans, have changed since then and got a pretty direct answer.    

“Today there are a lot of pansies out there, and it only takes one bad apple to ruin it for everyone,” he replied. “Take feminism for example. Normal people see feminism as wanting to make females have the same rights as guys. Everyone supports feminism until you have that one chick who gets offended when you give her a compliment.”


Our interview was quickly coming to an end as the guys were preparing to take the Mutant South Stage, and I had time for one more quick question. GWAR is known for spraying blood into the faces of the crowd while they perform. My chucks still have a red tint to them even though Warped was several weeks ago. My question was, out of all the shows you have performed with GWAR, which one has stood out to you as the bloodiest, messiest one to date. Needless to say I definitely wasn’t expecting his answer. “I would have to say it was last night, even though we didn’t have a show. We had a big ass orgy with a couple of freshies, and girls on the rag. Ripped buttholes and blood everywhere.”

As show time was approaching I quickly grabbed a selfie with bassist Beefcake the Mighty and vocalist The Berserker Blother before heading back to the ever-growing crowd awaiting the show to start. GWAR will be releasing their first album since 2013 in the fall. Blood of The Gods will be released via Metal Blade Records. Make sure to follow Shutter 16 on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to stay current with our coverage. Our Warped Tour Interview Series is still going strong so be on the lookout for the next piece! 


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