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Warped Interview Series: Dave McWane and Family that is Warped Tour

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Since 1995, Warped Tour has been the must go to festival of the summer. One of the coolest things about this summer-long event is those few precious minutes where we are able to catch a quick word with the musicians who make the tour worth seeing. Follow along with S16’s Warped Tour rep Cindy McBride as she tells the tales of bands like GWAR, The Acacia Strain, Fit For A King, and more! Today’s Warped Tour interview is with Big D and The Kids Table.

With a name like Big D and the Kids Table, you can more than likely expect that the tunes that are going to be put out by the band are going to be a little off the wall, and will definitely get stuck in your head for days on end. Dave McWane is the enthusiastic vocalist for the group, and my third interview of the day. We quickly found a seat outside, under one of the various pop up tents surrounding the press trailer, and began a conversation I am guaranteed never to forget. My obvious first question to the Warped Tour vets was what kept them coming back year after year and I got one of the most amazing answers, and being the awesome guy he is, Dave even asked if it was okay for him to cuss in his responses.  

“The feeling of belonging,” said McWane after some hesitation, as if he couldn’t pick one reason. “I think off tour, ya know, Lemmy from Motorhead said this the best;off tour everyone treats you like…are you allowed to swear? Okay, he said off tour people treat me like shit and on tour people treat me at least neutrally, so it’s a slave in heaven or a star in hell kind of thing.”

With this in mind I can only imagine how different the members of both the bands and the road crew are treated when they are at home or off tour trying to catch their breaths. Warped Tour as a whole has changed in countless ways since its first tour in 1995. The number of stages have decreased, but the acts have not. Organization of the event as a whole has skyrocketed to guarantee the safety of not only the countless people in attendance, but the performers, and workers behind the scene. I personally got to witness how this well oiled machine works when a thunderstorm came out of nowhere during Charlotte’s event. It came over the radio that they needed to get kids to the pavilion shelter, or back to their cars and immediately everyone jumped into action.

big d 1
In regards to the traveling it takes to put on Warped Tour, the majority of the crew’s time spent is simply getting from one location to the next. Just that evening bands were to travel from Charlotte, NC to New Jersey, which is around a nine hour drive without taking into consideration added time due to new traffic patterns or construction. All that spare time makes you wonder who your favorite artists are listening too.

“I like Yelle; I like a lot of music from France; I like a lot of music that doesn’t speak English because when you get a little older, it’s a lot more sophomoric and silly to hear people tell you how it is when they don’t really know,” listed McWane. “I can listen.. Like when I was younger, I could listen to people who were older than me, like Tom Perry for example, and I always like music, but I don’t always like everyone’s message. But my favorite band in the world is Milk Banana from Japan.”

When any band has started to make a name for itself, whether it’s just around the local scene or on a national level, members always try to give their all during their performance to make it as memorable as possible. While we were chatting with Dave, I asked him what he thought would be his most rock star moment of his career, and needless to say it involved some blood shed.

“I think it would be when I jumped off of a stage and they had hanging monitors, and usually venues don’t have those, so I didn’t know, and I did all my force, and I launched off the stage and I cracked my head through here [pointing to the area above his right temple and back] and it was pretty bad,” recalled McWane. “I didn’t know I was bleeding so bad because I thought it was sweat, and then I seen all the blood droplets in everyone’s eyebrows, and then everyone started giving me weird facial expressions, but I was young and I couldn’t see it. I looked like Carrie from a horror movie, and then suddenly I got the woozies and the little birds were flying around. I ended up getting staples so that has to be my most Gigi Allen moment.”

big d 2
After our seven minute interview, Dave gladly grabbed my little bag of crayons and set to drawing adorable and slightly off the wall stick figures and was laughing the whole time. Big D and the Kids Table has numerous albums that are available at their website, and are also available from numerous streaming sites. If you want a chance to win this one of a kind Dave McWane Warped Tour 2017 doodle, just retweet this article to be entered!

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