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Warped Interview Series: Alestorm returns to the US

First time on Warped, but definitely not their last

Since 1995, Warped Tour has been the must go to festival of the summer. One of the coolest things about this summer-long event is those few precious minutes where we are able to catch a quick word with the musicians who make the tour worth seeing. Follow along with S16’s Warped Tour rep Cindy McBride as she tells the tales of bands like GWAR, The Acacia Strain, Fit For A King, and more! Today’s Warped Tour interview is with Alestorm.

Ahoy Maties! What’s better than a group of guys with really hot accents? Guys with hot accents who play Pirate Metal! That’s right, I said Pirate Metal. For those of you who don’t know what this beyond awesome genre is, let me enlighten you. Pirate Metal is a subgenre of metal with a focus on pirate mythology, and more often than not the stage performance of the groups. So if you’ve seen one of several fans walking around Warped Tour looking like they stepped right off the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise and into Charlotte, North Carolina, it’s safe to say they were there to see Alestorm.

Alestorm originally formed in Perth, Scotland, and after signing to Napalm Records in 2007, the group released their debut album Captain Morgan’s Revenge the following year. Alestorm quickly rose in popularity, even with a few lineup changes. We got a chance to catch up with lead vocalist Christopher Bowes (unfortunately not in pirate attire) for a quick chat at the press trailer, where we spoke of his English origin, his first impression of the United States, and favorite foods!

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“I was like holy shit, America looks just like the movies!” reminisced Bowes. “You know, when you watch the movies, it’s like ‘oh there’s a highway, there’s a street,’ so coming here for the first time I was like, it’s exactly like the movies and it’s the coolest thing ever.”

No good pirate is really a pirate unless he has a ship to plunder and pillage with. Blackbeard the Pirate had The Queen Anne’s Revenge, Captain Jack Sparrow had The Black Pearl. Both of these ships would have sunk into the depths of the ocean if not for the crew keeping her afloat. We asked Chris if he went back in time and worked on a pirate ship what job would he have: “Oh I would swab the poop deck for sure.” Give yourself some credit, man!

Alestorm’s latest album No Grave but the Sea was released on May 26th and includes ten tracks, the funniest being “Fucked with an Anchor”.

“This is the first time we have done anything like Warped Tour,” said Bowes. “We don’t really play with these cool bands so we’re doing a well balanced set of all our albums. We only get twenty five minutes so three out of the seven songs are new.”

We all know Warped Tour is one hell of a festival, not just for the fans flocking to see their favorite bands in the blistering summer heat, but for the musicians who are playing it. Shenanigans going on in front of the fans may not even compare to what’s going on behind the scenes.

“It’s actually pretty mellow and cool. I was expecting it to be really corporate and really lame, but it’s been normal. Even the guy who runs it, Kevin [Lyman] will walk by and be like ‘Alestorm, hey how’s it going,’ which is pretty cool.”

All around the world different locations are known for the foods that are popular in the area. You think of Louisiana and not think about gumbo. When you think about Iowa, corn on the cob is a must. So, what is the favorite food of our lead pirate?

“Oh, I love American food. My favorite food is just Southern Food, anything fried, and I love BBQ, and right now, ya know we’re in the BBQ state so that’s really exciting.”

Although I didn’t get a chance to personally see Alestorm’s set of the day, I heard lots of excited chatter about it as I weaved my way in and out of the crowd heading to other stages. The dedicated fans who dressed in their pirate attire really went all out. Even going as far as wearing a Captain’s coat, which I have no clue how they survived the Carolina heat wearing. Chris was a joy to interview, and I literally could just stand there and listen to him talk for hours. When asked if he would like to do a Shutter doodle, he said “I already know what I’m going to draw. It’s going to be my favorite animal.” If you’re curious as to what Chris’s favorite animal is, retweet this article to be entered into our drawing for a one of a kind Alestorm masterpiece.

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