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Warped Interview Series: A quick glimpse at the members of Silverstein

Pineapple does go on pizza!

Since 1995, Warped Tour has been the must go to festival of the summer. One of the coolest things about this summer-long event is those few precious minutes where we are able to catch a quick word with the musicians who make the tour worth seeing. Follow along with S16’s Warped Tour rep Cindy McBride as she tells the tales of bands like GWAR, Alestorm, Fit For A King, and more! Today’s Warped Tour interview is with Silverstein.

When you read as a child, the words on the page took you to magnificent worlds us adults can’t even imagine anymore. But sometimes, as we age, those words and universes stick with us, helping us navigate the frustrating, and sometimes scary universe we actually live in. What better way to pay homage to our favorite authors then to name something new in honor of them? This is exactly what the members of Silverstein did. Formed in 2000 in Burlington, Ontario, the five piece hardcore rock band named their group in reference to author Shel Silverstein, whose works the group thoroughly enjoyed reading as children.

Silverstein 9

“Those two aren’t really my jams. My jam is The Giving Tree for sure, and Where the Sidewalk Ends vocalist Shane Told informed us when asked to pick between A Light in the Attic and Falling Up. “Those were the two books I had as a kid, so they’re the ones that I am down with.”

Silverstein’s latest album, Dead Reflection, was released while the group was playing Vans Warped Tour much to the delight of fans who were flocking to to see group who they have been listening to for years. When questioned about writing while on tour, Told commented: “We have never really been a road writing band. When were on tour, we just focused on being on tour, and when were at home or in the studio we focus on the writing.”

Since Vans Warped Tour started way back in 1995, it’s safe to say that some weird and at times hilarious things have happened on its stages and behind the scenes. “I actually had a tent blow away on me,” Told laughed when questioned about his weirdest experience with Warped.

Silverstein 8

“I was sitting under it, and it was time for bus call, so I went to see if someone could help me back it up, and I look up and it’s taking off and I’m like ‘no!’ and ran after it,” laughed Told. “It finally ended up landing upside down on a bandwagon, with its legs up in the air, and it had a huge hole in it. Then out of nowhere like 15 guys showed up asking if I needed help and we eventually got it down.”

Touring can be a life altering experience. You’re living on a bus with numerous people, trying to catch some kind of sleep while traveling through multiple time zones, all on top of playing shows. We asked Told what the hardest thing about touring for him was to which he replied, “Missing people, the confined space, lack of showers, the eating habits you have to have, all those things that are hardships, you get used to them and then you’re okay.”

“The missing people is the hardest to deal with. That never gets easier. You’re missing friends’ birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. All that stuff you have to miss, it really does take a toll on you and your relationships. For me that’s always been the hardest, and always will be.”     

Silverstein 13

Keeping the carefree spirit of Warped Tour in our interviews is a priority. What better way to be carefree than to laugh and ask a few silly questions to our favorite artists. This is exactly what happened when we asked the most important question of our interview. What would be Told’s dream pizza.

Silverstein’s latest single “Retrograde” off of Dead Reflection
“Is this one of those does Pineapple go on pizza sort of deal?” he laughed before getting into the delicious details of the pizza that would win his heart. “I’m going to avoid the pineapple question, but I am a vegetarian, and my favorite pizza topping, bit of a weird one, is green olives. Love green olives, and I’d go with a bit of mushrooms, and maybe tomato, like a sliced tomato is always nice. But I love thin crust. I’m not a deep dish guy, just a nice thin crust pizza, and maybe some basil on there, oh yeah thats perfect.”

After our interview Told excitedly accepted our invitation to make a quick sketch for one lucky fan to win. The piece includes some of his favorite items in the world. If you would like to be entered into the drawing to win this one of a kind piece of art, all you have to do is retweet this article! Silverstein’s new album is available on all your favorite digital media outlets, and it is definitely one you will listen to on repeat. If you are attending any of the remaining Warped dates, do you’re best to see these guys!

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