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VIDEO PREMIERE: Pam Taylor’s version of Halloween with “Witch’s Ball”

“Witch’s Ball,” the second single off of Pam Taylor’s latest LP, Steal Your Heart, is all treat and no trick

Pam Taylor floats her latest single, “Witch’s Ball,” our way like a cool October breeze and conjures up a few subtle chills, and thrills, to the joy of her listeners this autumn. With its desert noir/southern gothic musical overtones, Pam demonstrates even more range than she’s already shown thus far on her excellent new release Steal Your Heart. “Witch’s Ball”’s echoing, jangly, and slightly twangy guitar riffs, that ride broomstick sidesaddle atop a temptatious backbeat, form the perfect atmosphere for Pam’s vocal drawl that ranges from sultry soulfulness to out loud bluesy bursts of melody.

While Pam’s voice is always a delight, it’s the musical composition here that really makes “Witch’s Ball” the dazzlingly hypnotic fun that every measure of this song oozes. Background wind effects, bone rattles, and the aforementioned guitar work make “Witch’s Ball” a sly mix of desert noir (a la Whitehorse’s “Sweet Disaster”) and light southern gothic/psychobilly blues rock (a la Jace Everett’s “Bad Things”). Before you get the idea that Pam’s gone all dark and dangerous on us though, she remains firmly in the light and love camp as, through all the spooky hints of seduction in her voice, a playful joyfulness shines through reminding the listener that this is all in good fun and lightheartedness. This Halloween treat of a song is meant to inspire the love and the laughter as well as the chills and thrills. It’s just another sample of the cohesive range of Pam’s art as it continues to develop.

“Witch’s Ball” is a sure fire Halloween party soundtrack perennial, but will remain a steadfast entry on any great blues rock playlist you might conjure up any time of year.


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