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Venus Invictus Achieve Escape Velocity

Venus Invictus return with a rocketing, bright, AND heavy tune to kick off The New Year.

Long-termed Charlotte rockers Venus Invictus are launching The New Year with new music. After a hellish 2020, we all could use an escape and “Escape Velocity” is a great start to what should be a great year of new music from the band. “Escape Velocity,” the first release off their forthcoming (as yet to be titled) full length album, might be the song guitarist Josh Wright is “most proud of” out of the new songs, but it should be just a taste of the heights to come given Venus Invictus’ previous work. 

Dropping on January 28th, the night of The Wolf Moon, Venus Invictus have put more into their band, and brand, than just making great music. For those willing to listen more deeply, the band is more than just another cosmically grasping rock group. From the colorful storytelling that encapsulates their press releases to their exoplanetary, yet accessible, themes, Venus Invictus offers a cosmological deep dive of an escape.The astronomical conjunction that is the release of “Escape Velocity” on the night of this year’s Wolf Moon isn’t their first excursion into astronomical synchronicity. They released their latest EP (dubbed a “mixtape” by the band), The Other Side, on the Vernal Equinox last year. 

Before getting into the weeds too much on Venus Invictus’ playful, yet insightful, dalliances into cosmic conjunctury, it’s important to note that at heart they are a group of dedicated and passionate musicians with a long history in the Charlotte music community. Amanda (Caines) Tattermask and her husband Josh Wright were the driving force behind the late, great (and also Charlotte based) band named Tattermask. When that project ended, Josh and Amanda moved on to form Venus Invictus, a band with a sonic base that was similar to their previous band’s, but incorporated larger themes and new sounds into its music. After opening for many high tier bands playing Charlotte, and stealing the show during Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour 2015 at (the also late and great) Tremont Music Hall as Tattermask, delivering high energy and quality hard rock performances and recordings became a part ofJosh and Amanda’s stardusted DNA. 

“Escape Velocity” is loaded with that high energy rock sound, but is less experimental when compared to Venus Invictus’ most recent output. In fact, it more closely resembles Tattermask’s sound. While there is still more space in the music (pardon the pun) as compared to a Tattermask recording, this time out Amanda and Josh opt for a more straightforward heavy metal bludgeoning. It’s a fitting sound for their first release of 2021 though, as many of us would love to bludgeon the last year (and much of the new year’s first month) out of existence-on many fronts. While Venus Invictus really soars when they get expansive, like on their masterpiece “CDM,” it’s great to hear Josh’s guitar playing being composed of a more basic, yet heavy, riffing. Like all great works of art, Venus Invictus contribute their own unique voice to, while advancing, the latter day nu-metal sound with “Escape Velocity.” While much of that genre’s contributors ended up a flash in the pan, Venus Invictus are a blinding light in the sky, outshining their later day peers with their compositions. Now that they’ve reclaimed, conquered, and incorporated their past sound, the forthcoming album should be a glorious mix of both the cosmic and Earthy…or perhaps as they would rather say…Venusian. That’s a great way to describe their music: bright AND heavy.  

Venus Invictus’ new song “Escape Velocity” is available everywhere on January 28th. 

Listen on Spotify here.

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