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VelicoTurkeySaurus Rex Tour: better than turducken

VelicoTurkeySaurus Rex Tour: better than turducken

This past Saturday I made the trek from my secret lair to quite possibly one of the most underrated venues in the southeast, GroundZero. Located off a nondescript frontage road in Spartanburg, SC, this particular night saw it playing host to the VelicoTurkeySaurus Rex Tour. Judging by the band t-shirts worn by the audience, the majority were there to see the headliner, Psychostick. Along on the tour was a diverse supporting cast featuring Raven Black, Kissing Candice, and Arsonists Get All the Girls. Also joining for this show was local opener was Fractured Frames.

Psychostick - 11
Hailing from Asheville, NC, Fractured Frames started the night promptly at 7 PM, mostly playing from their recently released, eponymous EP. I’m never one to get too wrapped up in metal subgenres, but I think I could best describe their sound as progressive metal with elements of djent. A strong rhythm section coupled with some nifty guitar work and vocals got the evening started strongly.

Fractured Frames - 01
Next up was the goth metal stylings of Raven Black. Costumes, props, and lots of crowd interaction, this is a group that has obviously put much thought into their stage persona. Lead vocalist Raven is the centerpiece, singing clean vocals in almost girlish voice, switching to growls for emphasis. The rest of the band follows suit, providing strong musicianship to go along with the dark and twisted theatrics.

Raven Black - 02
Continuing with the darker theme was Kissing Candice. Heavier, with some industrial and deathcore leanings, they were more slasher film to Raven Black’s dark vaudeville. Any horror themed, costumed metal band is going to draw comparisons to Slipknot, but I feel Kissing Candice’s sound is unique enough to stand on it’s own. Good thing the music can stand on its own, because while the continuous use of a fog machine added atmosphere, it made it difficult to see exactly what was happening on stage at times.

Kissing Candice - 08
Arsonists Get All the Girls is a little difficult for me to describe musically and I mean that in a good way. Metal, but I detected influences from several genres, mostly notably electronica. This was a high energy band, particularly their lead vocalist. Jumping, tumbling, even hanging from the ceiling at one point. I’ve seen few artists that can match the level of hyperactivity they displayed.

Arsonists Get All the Girls - 10
Finally Psychostick brought their brand of geeky metal to the stage. Covering such diverse topics as beards, tacos, Bruce Campbell, boobs, and beer, the humor would wear thin if there wasn’t some musical chops behind it. Fortunately, the band is up to the task and don’t let their antics overwhelm their playing. They have a good rapport with their fans, even allowing fans to pick random songs from a bucket. This lead to one of the funniest moments of the night when a child selected one of their most ribald, least family friendly tunes, “Orgasm = Love.” According to the band, this has been something of a trend on the tour. Other highlights included the world’s slowest most pit, a clever satire of metal as genre, and the drummer in cow suit during the encore.

Psychostick - 02
Overall, a tremendously fun night. I would be hard pressed to name a show I’ve attended that had this level of showmanship and stage presence. Still a few stops left on the tour, so if it’s coming to your area, this is one I can definitely recommend.

Psychostick - 13

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Remaining Tour Dates

Dec 05

Shaka’s Live Virginia Beach, VA
Dec 06 Voltage Lounge Philadelphia, PA
Dec 07 Revolution Amityville, NY
Dec 08 Montage Music Hall Rochester, NY
Dec 09 Cattivo Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 10 The Odeon Cleveland, OH

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