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Vattica Bring the Hope With New Single “We Survive”

Vattica revel in the audacity of hope in the face of daunting times with soaring new single “We Survive.”

After railing against the obstruction of justice that’s taking place in Washington DC currently with their single “Criminal,” Vattica return with a more hopeful track, “We Survive.” With huge riffs and rhythms, a soaring chorus, and plenty of “whoa OH OHS” from lead singer/guitarist Alexander Millar, Vattica are poised to fill arenas around the world both physically and musically.


The world needs fresh arena rock bands like Vattica. It especially needs arena rock bands with a fresh, hopeful, fearless, and inspiring sound, as well as lyric. “We Survive” takes Vattica deeper into said hopeful territory. While “Criminal” is (somehow) still a polarizing track (or at least the video for the song somehow still is), “We Survive” has less of an angry protest feel and deals more in what I like to call “elevation” than hard rock. Yes, there’s a pretty serious guitar rock solo in the song. It’s drummer Prentice’s echoing rhythms-the opening of which reminds me of the beginning of Love and Rockets’ “The Dog-End of a Day Gone By” off of their 1985 album Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven (a rather hopeful track itself-for an arena goth rock band) that really sets the emotional stage here. The echoing, ascension inspiring, void dispelling sound of Prentice’s drumming envelops you in a warm rhythm that welcomes the listener in as much as it soothes.

Just before the drums hit though, there is a bright guitar riff that jump starts the whole hopeful affair. “Forever we run/Forever we dream” sings Millar, in the greatest of inspirational traditions as his riffs weave through Prentice’s rhythms. Like Prentice’s rhythms, Millar’s voice and atmospheric guitar riffs are just born to fill open concert spaces and light up the darkness metaphorically and aurally as the song progresses.  

Three singles thus far isn’t enough from Vattica. I want an album. Hopefully, the singles will keep coming and fans of the band can string them together in a playlist and get their Vattica album fix soon.

The new single is available March 29th.


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