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Underoath shakes Lexington to the core

Underoath shakes Lexington to the core

For those of you who frequent Shutter 16’s website, or stalk our socials, you will remember how fortunate we were to do an album review for Underoath’s eighth studio album back in March of this year. Obviously with a new album comes a tour, and our staff grabbed the sixteenth show on the tour! Manchester Music Hall, located in Lexington, Kentucky, is a legendary music venue where artists such as Motionless in White, the Marshall Tucker Band, and Black Stone Cherry have graced the halls stage. Tonight, they added four more incredible acts: Limbs, Veil of Maya, Dance Gavin Dance, and, of course, Underoath.       

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Since the formation of the band back in 1997 and the emergence of what would be a massive following by releasing their record They’re Only Chasing Safety in 2004, and being certified gold shortly after, the guys would have multiple tours and the beginning of extremely successful careers in an industry that so desperately needed it at the time.

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Underoath has underwent a few lineup changes to get to a level where they can take things up a notch and to pull off what many bands cannot. Now, after having been on a hiatus from touring and recording, the band has something to say with this record! With teeth grinding singles from Erase Me, Underoath is about to set this world ablaze with new tours and tunes to make fans fall in love all over again, as if we ever fell out of love with this band of brothers to begin with!

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Kicking things off was Limbs. From Tampa, Florida, Chris, Daniel, Josh, Jordan and Tyler took to the stage in Lexington, Kentucky putting off the vibe that would ultimately set the tone for the night.

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With crowd surfing getting an early start and everyone having one hell of a kickoff to the show, Limbs laid it all on the line, setting the stage ablaze for more music to come!

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The second band was Chicago based metal heads Veil Of Maya.

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Veil Of Maya are one of the very few bands who have successfully locked in the melodic, progressive, hardcore sound.

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As Lexington would soon find out. Lukas Magyar and his brutal quintet gave us all chills, lighting a fire for the next band to carry through the night.

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Dance Gavin Dance took that fire from Veil Of Maya and torched the crowd with their crazy experimental and hardcore sound, upping the anti to x 10!

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The California natives weren’t looking to be just another band that gets on stage, plays a few songs and leave… no. Dance Gavin Dance ignited the fans and even the Manchester Music Hall security team, elevating our moods and taking us all on a hell of a ride.

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If you weren’t a fan of these guys before tonight, you damn sure left as one!

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As the night pressed on, the heat did also. Every person from staff to fan was dripping with sweat. The crew was working hard on stage to burn the gear from Dance Gavin Dance and began setting things up for Underoath. Fans were anxious and excited, the heat didn’t seem to bother anyone or make them less stoked.

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The lights went green, a stillness fell over the crowd. Suddenly fans began to chant the band’s name with enough gusto to impress even the most fanatic fan.

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Opening with “On My Teeth” from their brand new album Erase Me, Underoath took the fire that had been passed down all night, threw gasoline on, and we all watched it burn! Spencer Chamberlain and company played this show with aggressiveness and a brutality that was welcomed in this amazing venue having just played Rock On The Range the previous day!

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From crazy mosh pits and crowd surfing, Underoath was THE show to be at. Chamberlain even slowed things down for a brief moment to explain the meaning of what the next song meant to him. It is worth noting that Spencer has dealt with his share of demons, but not for nothing as it has only made him stronger and brought the band closer as well!

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Addressing the state of mind and his own personal clarity on the issue of mental health, he had this to say: “I was writing [“Bloodlust”] when I was In a very dark place, so to record this and hear it again after I was in a better place was crazy for me, and now this song means so much to me.” He encouraged the Lexington crowd to “not be silent but talk to someone, because music is family and family is life, we all have to support each other. It doesn’t make you weak or lame or that you are dealing with personal struggles in your mind, everybody needs somebody.”  

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It takes a lot of guts to confront your demons head on, and even more guts to talk about it in front of a 1,100 person sold out show. Our hats are off to the guys in Underoath for that one alone!

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Bringing things up to a lighter note, it was Tim McTague’s birthday and we all rang it in with him, the back and forth repartee between the band and Tim was hilarious as they teased him about his age and saying it was his 25th Birthday.

The band ended their night on a high note with “Writing On The Walls” a personal favorite of mine as well! To say this show was good would be a terrible was to describe it.

Underoath shook Manchester Music Hall to the core! I feel sorry for you if you weren’t at this one! But you can still catch them on tour, see dates below!

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Brandon Hanks is a photojournalist hailing from Owensboro, Kentucky. Brandon started his obsession with photography dating back to 2001. Since getting his first taste of the music industry in 2016 with Nothing More, he has since worked with some of his favorites to some of the biggest names in music: Black Stone Cherry, Highly Suspect, Bush, Skillet, Green Day, and Scott Stapp. "If you were to tell me I'd be doing this (concert photography) with the artists I've worked with in my first year, I'd call you a liar," said Hanks. Brandon's fire and willingness to adapt to any setting and environment while being able to take on any challenge thrown at him makes him a force and a future in this industry looks brighter with every show. "Grateful, Humbled, Unbelievable, Rise Up." All words Brandon lives by.

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