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Tyler’s Ghost Is Gonna Make You Love Them

We The Ghost front man, Beau Tyler, is leaving parts of his former self behind and embarking on a new musical adventure with his latest project

by: Jessie Harris

There’s something magical that occurs when Oklahoma native Beau Tyler gets some time alone in the studio. Having found fame early in 2012 with the band, We The Ghost, it’s no surprise to see that his newest project is catching on like fire. When the band officially called it quits earlier this year, Tyler was left with an itch that he couldn’t scratch. On their Facebook page, Tyler is quoted saying, “Here’s the thing about ghosts. They’re all just souls searching for something to set them free.”

Perhaps We The Ghost needed to be set free, but Tyler’s Ghost has just begun its reign.

Being an award winning producer for quite some time now, Tyler began playing around with new sounds and genres in late 2016. What began as a solo endeavor, has turned into his next big project. Tyler’s Ghost has risen from the wake of We The Ghost and fans couldn’t be more excited to get their hands on some new music again.

We The Ghost was a pop band with a very steadfast sound, but with this new direction, Tyler has explored a couple of different genres. The best and most surprising part is that it works really well. Tinkering with the idea of a solo project, Tyler released the song, “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me;” a love song, with R&B hints, but enough pop to be radio friendly and on the Top 40 charts. The hook will stay in your head for days. It’s relatable in the sense that we’ve all yearned for something we can’t have.

The first single released in 2017, “I Don’t Want You Back,” features Grammy nominated producer and DJ, Chris James, known best for his collaboration with Deadmau5. This trippy jam is simple lyric-wise, but has many cool layers music-wise. It’s an anthem, oozing with confidence, but mixed with euphoric feelings post-breakup. It’s so catchy and is one of those songs you can get lost in for hours.

There’s much more of a club-friendly vibe with the release of Tyler’s second single, “Such a Fool.” Heavy on the beats and with a solid hook, it’s an instant favorite and a fan favorite live. It’s really fun when an artist can create such totally different sounding songs, yet have a classic sound that makes them unique and recognizable in the best way.

As with all things supernatural, Tyler’s Ghost has left a couple of questions unanswered. For example, how many people are in the band? The only confirmed member of the band is Tyler, but many collaborations have played a part in adding to its charm and mystery. I get the idea that the big picture for Tyler’s Ghost is meant for the audience to feel the music and let it become more important than the superficiality of seeing the face of the band. Even in its music videos, none of the band is pictured, which allows the listener to focus on their own emotions gathered from the music. Will there be a full length release in the coming months or more gigs? Time will tell. As for now, do yourself a favor and keep an eye out for Tyler’s next move. It will not disappoint.

Check out the band’s Reverb Nation page for info on upcoming shows and new releases.

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