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Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown : Ramblin’ Bones Tour

Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown Bring Their Ramblin’ Bones Tour To Louisville

After moving to Nashville at the very young age of just 17 years old, Tyler Bryant began a journey that many dream of, but few actually are able to turn that dream into a rock reality. Being dubbed a guitar prodigy, Tyler Bryant had already grabbed the attention of some very important ears by his insane guitar and vocal talent. With a soul older than most at a young age, Tyler began to shape, hone, and cultivate his legacy in the industry.

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Once in Nashville Tyler met Caleb Crosby, a Winchester Kentucky native, who in high school began to get wide recognition as one of the most impressive and technical drummers that the music industry would soon see in decades. Sprinkle in some music legacy with Graham Whitford (son of Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford) who has now made a name all on his own without needing the adulation for being the son of one of music’s greats (Brad Whitford) but blazing his own path in The Shakedown.

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When you think of groovy bass tones, you won’t have to dwell on it for long when you hear Noah Denney in the Shakedown, making for the total package any band would kill to have in their lineup.

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Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown has all they need. Wasting no time, The Shakedown would release a monster first record in Wild Child with big tracks like “Lipstick Wonder Woman” and “Say A Prayer” that would launch the career they all craved, gaining massive recognition and praise, the band would soon set out on a massive tour with the likes of AC/DC and Guns & Roses.

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Now, fresh off the heels of their self titled record Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown, The Shakedown are moving mountains and leaping over them with this record, setting the bar even higher for them and anyone else in the industry. Check out their music video for “Backfire” here:

Shifting gears to the opportunity to play a somewhat hometown show for drummer Caleb Crosby, The Shakedown took to the city of Louisville Kentucky where they would be met with a overwhelming response of s crowd packing The Zanzabar with excited and anxious fans. The band took to the stage, determined to play like it was a sold out arena show, much like they are comfortable with as they have played numerous shows in Europe with some of the industries greats.

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They opened the show up with “Weak And Weepin’”, and face melting and sweaty rock n’ roll just like the they are used to playing. The night was just that, hot and sweaty, just how rock should be. Tyler Bryant greeted the Louisville crowd with humility and excitement welcoming everyone to the show asking everyone “are y’all ready for a rock show?!”

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Graham Whitford would take to the front of the stage for some tasty solos and smooth vocal harmonies, Noah Denney would also get his moments to shine on this night as well with some tambourine action, thunderous bass notes keeping us grooving and his own crisp harmonies to add to the mix that truly rounds out The Shakedown’s sound!

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This was sure to be a show the crowd would soon not forget, from face melting solos to velvety smooth vocals, adrenaline fueled guitar riffs and gut busting drumming from the hometown hero, Caleb Crosby. “You don’t always get it right the first time. It’s part of the process,” said Caleb Crosby, however on this night, the powerhouse juggernaut would definitely get it right!

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The crowd would sing along to their favorite songs from the bands records and throw their fists up in the air and even record a lot of the show with their phones to savor the experience for later and show friends who didn’t come out what kind of show they missed out on. If you weren’t at this show, you truly missed out.

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The Shakedown will be sticking around the industry for many years to come with the amount of humble minds and kind souls they are composed of to the true showmanship of their performance, you do not want to miss out on a Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown concert experience! See them on tour right now!

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See full gallery of the night here.

Catch this tour:

Apr 27 – Apr 2926,997 guests
Jacksonville, FL
Apr 28 – Apr 2912,013 guests
New York, NY
Hartford, CT
Toronto, ON, Canada
Leipzig, Germany

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