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Let’s face it. Half the population is posting photos on Instagram of everything from their day out to their lunch, to their nightlife. That being said, when was the last time you went to a concert and you didn’t see at least one person posting a snapshot to the photography-based app?

From the experience of venue operators, musicians, promoters and fans alike, #twitfromthepit allows users to share their sights and adventures to a wide audience, creating an online photographic community for music lovers worldwide.

Shutter 16 paired with Instagram to develop a hashtag that automatically posts a constant flow of #twitfromthepit photos to the front of our magazine’s website. The #twitfromthepit hashtag allows Instagram users to flow their experience to the center of our site, allowing millions of Shutter 16 visitors to view, in real-time, what music lovers are seeing.

See examples :



There are no formalities; we don’t discriminate; we want your whole experience:

  • Driving to a show out of town or getting ready for one?
  • Get a shot with your friend in front of the stage?
  • Have an upcoming show you have a flier for?
  • Get backstage access or you’re playing a show?
  • Working at a concert?
  • Touring with your band?
  • Hosting a band coming through town or going to an after party?
  • Taking pictures of the musicians on stage?
  • Dancing in your room to a record you just picked up?
  • Going to a music-related event?

Hashtag it with #twitfromthepit!

We want to see it all and we want the world to see it too… as long as it’s not X-rated, that is. Be a part of the photographic music community! Hashtag #twitfromthepit! Show it to the world!