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Turbowolf Takes Prague

Turbowolf Tears Up Lucerna

As long-time fans of the band know, Turbowolf likes to shake things up. In a world full of predictable chord progressions and clear divisions between genres, Turbowolf stands out. The Bristol-based band, consisting of Chris Georgiadis (vocals and synths), Andy Ghosh (guitar), Lianna Lee Davies (bass), and Blake Davies (drums), has been making waves in the music scene since the late 2000’s when they toured the UK and Europe with names like Korn and Dinosaur Pile-Up, developing their musical style along the way.

Turbowolf describes themselves as a punk band, meaning anything goes with them. They pride themselves on not doing what people might think they’re supposed to do and experimenting in the most unexpected ways to arrive at their final product – their eclectic style of music. Their sound has been described by fans as “kaleidoscopic” due to the unpredictable mashup of instruments and styles that effortlessly blend together to make their songs and albums unique works of art in an otherwise cookie-cutter musical world.

Their debut self-titled album came out in 2011 on Hassel Records. After gaining attention and popularity, they continued to push the envelope with their second album, Two Hands, in 2015 on Spinefarm Records, before landing where they are today with The Free Life, released earlier this month on SO Recordings. A mix of rock, punk, pop synths, and electrifying new energy, Turbowolf’s music was different from anything I had heard before and I was hyped to see their show.


Lucerna Music Bar started to fill as soon as the doors were opened around 8 pm.


Shortly after the venue opened, Czech-British duo Arrogant Twins took the stage to warm up the crowd.


A blend of comedic egotism and rock music, these two were the perfect choice to put the mostly Czech crowd in a great mood and appeal to their audience.


By the time heavy metal band Puppy took the stage, the room was buzzing with activity. The threesome took the intensity up a notch, preparing the audience for what was to come.


The charisma of the band was undeniable as they played with smiles on their faces throughout the entire set.


Their closer, “Forever” from their 2015 EP Puppy, was a show-stealer that showcased their vocal capabilities beautifully and left the audience on a high note.


Finally, Turbowolf took the stage. Fans that had been hesitantly hovering around the edges of the venue rushed to the front of the stage to greet and heckle the band members as they took their places. Chris Georgiadis and Lianna Lee Davies gave it right back, returning jabs and welcoming the crowd before launching into their first song, Capital X from their new album, The Free Life. The heavy guitar and drums paired with Georgiadis’s stage presence made transitions between songs seamless. Even amidst the chaos, the band made every effort to interact with the crowd, making fans truly feel like part of the show. After a few songs, the lights stopped blinking and Georgiadis took a moment to call out some fans he noticed at the front of the stage. These guys had been jumping and moshing from the very start and their energy did not go unnoticed by the band, as it earned them some mic time and a song dedication.


The first half of their set was a mix of songs from their two most recent albums, The Free Life and Two Hands, before they threw it back to 2011 with two songs from their debut album, “Ancient Snake” and “The Big Cut.” It wasn’t until they played “Domino” from their newest album that fans really let loose – this was clearly what the audience had been waiting for and the explosion of energy in the room was tangible.


The rest of the set was a blur of energy and antics from Georgiadis. Jumping off the drum platform, pulling up the most enthusiastic girl in the crowd to play the keyboard for a song and subsequently making her night, singing with a scarf pulled over his head, and some upside-down crowd surfing, Georgiadis was one of the most charismatic, expressive, and energetic stage performers I had ever seen.


The last three songs of the set were the highlight of the show by far. Ending with three of their catchiest powerhouse songs, “A Rose for the Crows,” “Rabbit’s Foot,” and “The Free Life,” they went out with a bang. Overall, the show was incredible. The band sounded amazing live and their setlist was seamless. The stage decorations were simple, with just their logo on a screen in the background, so as not to distract from the music.


My favorite aspect of the show was the interaction with the fans. Before they even played their first song, Georgiadis made a point to walk the entire length of the stage, shaking hands and high-fiving fans along the way. By the end of the show everyone felt like family, with one person even climbing onto the stage to give Georgiadis a big bear hug after the last song, which Georgiadis gladly accepted and returned before walking offstage with the rest of the band members.


Whether you’re a diehard fan of Turbowolf or you’re fairly new to their music, this live show is an experience any music lover will enjoy. Between the heavy beat and intensity of the music and the energy and charisma of the quirky band members, Turbowolf does not disappoint. If they’re coming to your city, definitely give them a shout and head over to the show. They’ll be around Europe until May and then they’ll be hitting the US for a couple of months – see their dates and get your tickets here.  Even if they’re not coming to your area, check out their new album The Free Life. You won’t regret it.

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