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Travel back in time with Postmodern Jukebox

Your favorite hit songs, with a twist.

An auditory and visual experience through the ripples of time  

By: Ash and Aaron Cullen – Photos by: Ash Cullen


Scott Bradlee has taken an ensemble of artists from every walk of life, and created a magical performance that will get the little kids rocking in their seats;  the more mature crowd snapping their fingers, and even get some up to dance like they did generations ago. When it comes to Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ), some may initially see it as a cover band.


Once you dive into their extensive YouTube video collection, you will realize they are far from it. The band started back in 2014 in New York City. Their popularity grew as they began to put out a classic twist on today’s modern songs. PMJ has covered everything from Lady Gaga to Nickelback, and has an impressive 3.6 million followers on their YouTube channel.


From the drop of the lights to the very last note, the crowd was put at the edge of their seats in anticipation to the next mesmerizing song, jaw-dropping solo tap dance routine, or even a bit of comedy to transition from one act to the next.


Will Jay set the stage with a thrilling performance from the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson, as he performed “Thriller” to the tune of something you’d hear come from the Rat Pack.


The sultry Martina DaSilva captivated the audience with her strong presence, where not even a “Seven Nation Army” could hold her back.


Natalie Angst caught the eye of everybody in her 50’s era, body-length dresses, as if she were Patti Page, and captivated everybody’s ears with her take on Cyndi Lauper’sTime After Time.” Casey Abrams was the host for the night and kept everybody focused on the show as the acts changed, kept everybody upbeat and included in the show; even at one point serenading a front-row man to the tune of “Let’s Get It On.


Miche Braden stole the show with her remarkable range, undoubting stage presence, and the full spectrum of emotions you could see, hear, and feel with every note sang and every movement of her body.


From start to finish, the crowd was engaging and looking forward to what surprises were in store next.


The show was fittingly closed out with Casey Abrams’ take on Radiohead’s 90’s classic, “Creep,” that had half the crowd singing along.


We all love our songs, but sometimes when heard in a different light, a song can take new shape and meaning, giving us a different take on a song we have heard dozens, or hundreds of time.


Be sure to take the entire family out for a time travel back in time with PMJ. Fans can see PJM live on their upcoming tour which is going on with tour dates set through April 2019.  Be sure to stay tuned and #twitfromthepit on all the action!

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Back in Black and White Tour Dates:

Today 8 PM95 guests
Burlington, VT
Today 8 PM19 guests
Burlington, VT
Tomorrow 8 PM425 guests
Concord, NH
Wed 8 PM904 guests
Portland, ME
Fri 8 PM288 guests
Great Barrington, MA
Sat 8 PM246 guests
New Bedford, MA
Mon 8 PM829 guests
North Bethesda, MD
Mon 8 PM182 guests
North Bethesda, MD
Tue 7:30 PM1,664 guests
Richmond, VA
Wed 7:30 PM1,605 guests
Norfolk, VA
Sun 7 PM141 guests
Thu 7 PM CST1,370 guests
Fri 7:30 PM CST1,009 guests
Memphis, TN
Sat 8 PM CST787 guests
Oklahoma City, OK
Wed 8 PM MST592 guests
Tucson, AZ
Fri 8 PM PST201 guests
Thousand Oaks, CA
Sat 7:30 PM PST1,080 guests
Long Beach, CA
Sat 7:30 PM PST354 guests
Long Beach, CA
Thu 7 PM PST258 guests
Bellingham, WA
Fri 8 PM PST776 guests
Portland, OR
Sat 7 PM PST870 guests
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sun 8 PM PST623 guests
Seattle, WA
Thu 8 PM PST1,310 guests
San Francisco, CA


Ash was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania and started working with the music industry at a young age. At the age of 17 she became a DJ at the local radio station. Then she attended Valley Forge Christian College from 2008-2012 and attained a B.A. in Digital Media Communications. There she started her podcast, Pop Deflators, which has evolved into a full-fledged music site including Artist Interviews and Concert Photography, she also currently works for Rock Rage Radio as an online DJ and photojournalist.

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