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Trap Birthday Party with 2 Chainz in Charlotte

The Fillmore in Charlotte does it again. Another sold out show. They brought us another artist in the long line of Atlanta’s finest to town on Tuesday night. Supporting his Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Tour, 2 Chainz brought his gritty, lyrical street sound to the Charlotte crowd. Reppin’ that flavor that originated from the South, 2 Chainz is a master of sharing stories from the street and his life through his music. I see a lot of shows where the crowd shows up late, skipping the opening acts, but this sold out crowd showed up early and stayed all night until the last beat dropped. This is a testament to the fan base Chainz has following him.

The show kicked off with a number of local DJs and artists to warm up the crowd. Now, when you attend a show like this you better be prepared for them to keep it real. One of the guys came out and had a problem with the music and his song. It didn’t take long for the crowd to let him know he messed up. The boos came out all over the place. He told them to cut the music and rapped without any backing music. Even wearing the Cam Newton jersey didn’t stop the Carolina fans from still going after him. When you get on stage, you better be prepared for the good and the bad.

Kicking off the main acts, Skooly and Young Dolph started out the show. Member of Rich Kidz, and fellow T.R.U. recording artist, Skooly is renowned for his mixtapes in Atlanta. Skooly is moving out on his own with his solo career and following in the footsteps of 2 Chainz.

Skooly (4)
Young Dolph made a special entrance to the stage. Just like his hit debut record described, King of Memphis, he came out on on a throne of a king held up by lion’s heads wrapped in gold. This wasn’t Young Dolph’s first trip to Charlotte. Earlier in the year, he was caught up in a shooting during the CIAA tournament. Accounts say up to 100 shots were fired at the Memphis rapper before his show. No one was hurt, but this made promoting his latest record, Bulletproof, much easier. Surviving something like that for sure makes you bulletproof. No one brought the drama on Tuesday night. Nothing but love in the house as Young Dolph showcased his Memphis flow.

Young Dolph (2)
Who can do it with a broken leg sitting in a wheelchair? One name in the game can do it no matter what the situation is, 2 Chainz. Chainz’s movement was still limited by being in a wheelchair due to his leg injury and subsequent surgery. Chainz has called the situation “humbling” and “that God wanted him to use his creativity.” A lot of artists would cancel their tour, but the fans come first for him. He doesn’t want to let them down because of a little set back. Now his wheelchair was no ordinary wheelchair. 2 Chainz, 6’5” stretched out, was rollin’ in a pink trap wheelchair with some extra large wheels with gold spoke rims on it.

2 Chainz (33)
Doing it in style, only like he can, he had a nurse, scantily clad of course, pushing him around making sure he was still able to interact with the crowd across the entire stage. Nurse Naughty also was pulling double duty, not only as Chainz’s personal nurse, but also as a dancer. I am going to be honest, it is not easy to take your eyes of her as she moved with the music. Pink Trap House in the background, lit by link floods everywhere, the Trap Choir anchored out the trap sound and the Trapground Dancers did their thing all night and still looked like a million bucks at the end of the night.

2 Chainz (27)
Chainz featured a number of songs of the latest record, “Riverdale Rd.” “Good Drank,” “Door Swangin,” “It’s a Vibe,” ”Trap Check,” and “OG Kush Diet.” He didn’t forget some of his older stuff either. He also gave us “Crack,” “Birthday Song,” “No Lie,” and “I’m Different” off Based on a T.R.U. Story. Coincidentally or not, he played “Birthday Song,” and it was actually his birthday. It was cool for the crowd to help him celebrate the special occasion with him, but in true 2 Chainz style, he was very humble and understated about it. Over the years, he has seen God give and God take away from people quickly, so he has learned to be more humble but still maintain his charismatic attitude that he grew up with.

2 Chainz has more substance to him that not everyone gets to see in his shows. He is an intellectual guy who respects everyone and believes in a healthy lifestyle. He says he “smokes,” drinks a ton of water and eats healthy. It is very important to him to keep a healthy body and he says he “feels good.” He has done a lot for the community that he doesn’t rap about. He even gave a 5 bedroom house to a family of 11 who was in need. He still believes in looking out for people like they did in the neighborhood when he grew up. He saw hustlers providing  for the people when he was young but didn’t realize how much they were spending. Now he feels he is blessed and can do the same thing. Seeing other people happy is something that makes him happy and he continues to give back as much as he can.

2 Chainz (15)
More than just pretty girls liked trap music. Everyone in the diverse crowd loved what they saw. There is still time to catch the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Tour. They are going to be on the road until the end of October.



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