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Tracy Morgan The Last O.G., Live On Stage at The Paramount

Tracy Morgan with: Ardie Fuqua, Rob Cantrell, Marc Theobald, Ruperto Vanderpool, and Pat Brown.

Tracy Morgan is a well-accomplished stand-up comedian and has a way of making people laugh like no other. He is also well known for his work on Saturday Night Live as a cast member from 1996 to 2003 and the hit television show 30 Rock, that aired for seven seasons from 2006 to 2013. He was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2009 for his work on that show.


Morgan has also done commercials for ESPN, hosted shows such as the VH1 Hip Hop Honors and Spike Guys’ Choice Awards, was the voice of Woof on the animated Where My Dogs At? and many other roles as well. He has written an autobiography, I Am The New Black, which was released in 2009. His most recent role is starring on the TBS television show The Last O.G. that began airing earlier this year.


It is well known that Morgan has had health issues and even suffered severe injuries from an auto accident with a Wal-Mart tractor-trailer that occurred in 2014, but nothing has kept him down. He is a strong individual that knows how to turn bad times into laughs. While out on this tour Morgan celebrated a milestone birthday, he turned fifty on November 10th this year. He performed to his hometown fans on that night at The Beacon Theater in New York City.


On December 1st Morgan made a stop, on the final night of the tour, in Huntington, NY to The Paramount. The venue was sold out and filled with fans of all ages. Morgan brought with him five very funny comedians who had everyone laughing all the way along the show.




First up was Ardie Fuqua, a personal friend of Morgan’s and someone he shared the horrible accident experience with in 2014. Faqua not only did a stand-up routine for the audience, he was also the MC for the evening introducing each act as the show moved along. During his act he showed his love for the diversity in the crowd and shared the fact that, “Everyday when you wake up, it’s your birthday!” and wished everyone a happy birthday, today and everyday.



Then came Rob Cantrell who is not only a comedian but an actor and writer as well. He shared with the audience that, “I am a survivor” explaining that he was born in the 1970’s and has seen a few changes over the years. He made light of some of his life’s experiences, including the hard-core birth of his daughter.



Keeping the laughs coming was Marc Theobald, another New York based comedian and one of the writers on The Last O.G. He had the audience going with his story of the impressive twenty-minute sex tape he and his wife made. Comprised of 20 minutes of arguing, it included his wife insisting he remove his turtleneck shirt, eating snacks and watching Netflix; there was no sex but it was the best sex tape that he had ever made.



Next up was Ruperto Vaderpool, a comedian hailing from Bronx, NY. He was very physical in his stand-up routine and shared some of his life experiences from growing up not far from the venue they were performing at this night. He talked about being raised in the Bronx and would act out experiences he had being raised Catholic, as well as the characters he would encounter in his neighborhood.



Now it would be time for the female touch and Pat Brown took the stage. Brown is the winner of the 2013 She-Devil Comedy Competition and she had not issue showing this audience why she won. Sharing some of her life experiences including being single in New York City, “being single sucks open ass” and the uncomfortable gynecologist experience; she had everyone laughing the whole time.


Then came time for the grand finale, Tracy Morgan took the stage. From the moment he came out till the last joke he told he had the audience rolling with laughter. He took some of his most tragic life experiences, like being hit by a tractor-trailer doing 75mph and surviving the coma that came from it, and turned them into comical moments.


He came out of that experience realizing “I’m Iron Man!” He shared many of his thoughts on family experiences and so much more; his set was just fabulous and non-stop funny.


As mentioned earlier the tour has come to an end. It ran from September 7th, starting in California, and ended this night near his hometown.


Hopefully he will hit the road again soon making people laugh everywhere he goes but until then keep watch for the second season of The Last O.G. to air soon.

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