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Trace Adkins Brings That Down Home Country Feeling To The Paramount

Trace Adkins brings that down-home country feeling to The Paramount

Saturday nights are made for having fun so it was time to put on that Stetson, pull up those cowboy boots, and head out to have some honky-tonk fun with one of country music’s most beloved baritone singers, Trace Adkins. On the cool evening of March 25, a long line formed outside of The Paramount in Huntington, NY with eager fans waiting to go inside and get the party started.

The venue filled as people claimed their spots on the general admission floor, while others bought drinks from the bars. Before long, the lights dimmed and the opening act took the stage. Brian Ripps, a local musician, warmed the crowd up with a solo acoustic set of his own original music including, “Carry It All,” as well as cover songs, including an awesome version of Audioslave’s “I Am The Highway.” Ripps was very interactive with the audience and they very much enjoyed his performance as they cheered after every song he played.


During the intermission, the floor of the venue was packing out and people were taking their seats in the upper mezzanine. A group of ladies to the back of the floor were already dancing to the music playing over the PA system in anticipation for what was about to come. As soon as the lights dimmed, the colorful stage lights lit up the backdrop of the stage, and the band came out and began to play the first song of the night, “Songs About Me.” A bright spotlight shown on a set of doors on the middle of the stage and, as the doors opened, Adkins appeared, greeted with an eruption of cheers. With a very humble look on his face, he thanked his fans by removing his hat and bowing, then went straight to the microphone and began to sing.


After warming up with the first song, Adkins said, “Thank you, it’s great to be back at The Paramount!” As he looked out at his fans with his striking blue eyes, he smiled as they hollered back at him. They continued to play, “Chrome,” “Jesus And Jones,” and “Just Fishin’” before a fan favorite, “You’re Gonna Miss This,” which had everyone singing to all the words. “Marry For The Money” had the whole floor bouncing and dancing as Adkins’ was singing and swaying his hips to the beat.

TraceAdkins_DianeWoodcheke_3-25-17_15 Keeping the momentum going, they played, “Big Time,” “Every Light In The House,” “There’s A Girl In Texas” and even a Bob Seger cover, “Come To Papa.” Adkins then took a few moments to talk to his fans, saying, “I have been doing this for twenty-one years now; thank you for allowing me.” After the crowd screamed and cheered, he continued and spoke about his new album that will be in stores on March 31, Something’s Going On and then introduced the new single by playing “Watered Down.” Once the song was over the audience cheered like mad. TraceAdkins_DianeWoodcheke_3-25-17_10Adkins introduced the next song by saying, “This song is about as friend of mine, every line is true!” He laughed a bit and they played a song called “Asshole,” which turned out to be a song many fans could relate to, as we all know one of those. After performing another cover song, Hall and Oates’ “Every Time You Go Away,” Adkins kept the good times going with, “Ladies Love Country Boys,” “I Left Something Turned On At Home” and the song some fans were shouting for all throughout the night, “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”


Before leaving the stage, Adkins said, “You were a great crowd, thank you so much!” But they were not gone for very long as his fans were cheering frantically for them to return. Prior to performing their encore song, Adkins spoke in length about the history of this final song, his time working on an oil field before becoming a country artist and how this song is one of his favorite songs, then they played the heartfelt, “Missing You.”


Adkins and his very polished band put on an excellent show. The energy they gave to the fans was honest and the fans gave it right back to them. Adkins will be touring extensively during 2017 promoting his new album. Be sure to pick up your copy and be sure not to miss him live at one of his shows near you.


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