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Trace Adkins (Bobby McGrath) NYCB Theater at Westbury in Westbury, NY

Trace Adkins (Bobby McGrath) NYCB Theater at Westbury

Diane Woodcheke

If you have ever heard the saying, something good is always worth waiting for; you can really appreciate that sentiment if you have been waiting to see your favorite artist. This was the case for Trace Adkins’ Long Island fans that have been waiting nearly three months since his show at the NYCB Theater at Westbury was postponed due to snow and all out nasty weather earlier in March.


Now on the eve of the first official day of summer, most everyone coming to the venue had tickets in hand they had been holding since March 22nd. But word was out that there were still a few seats left so some fans were lined up at the box office while the others were heading in to get their seats. The stage of the full round theater was set up with a back-line of instruments and a curtain so seating was considered half round for this show.


Starting the evening off was a New York City based contemporary country music artist, Bobby McGrath. With an electric guitarist and a percussionist accompanying him, he put on a nice twenty-minute set of his original music from his debut self-titled EP. With each song, cheering from the audience got louder and louder as they were enjoying his style of country music, which was an excellent match to Trace Adkins’ style so the fans were truly enjoying it. McGrath is heading back to Nashville to record new music, which is scheduled to release sometime this year, so definitely keep a watch out for it and give it a listen.

During the short intermission there was just enough time to catch a smoke on the outdoor patio or refill an empty drink, then it was back to the seats. As soon as the house lights dimmed cheering began and you could see in the darkness of the stage that the band members were all taking their places. Then the moment came that everyone had been waiting for, a spotlight shined down and Trace Adkins came out on stage as the fans erupted with applause and screams. After raising his hat and giving a walk along the front of the stage to wave to everyone he hit it hard with “Dangerous Man.”


It did not take long for it to get heated as Adkins shook his hips to “Songs About Me” and the female fans were up on their feet dancing along. Since this show was from a postponement it must have caused him to have to fly here and he joked about how he could not use his private jet, since “I sold mine to Blake (Shelton) and I’m still waiting to get my new one.” He shared how he hates flying but “I’m proud to be here tonight, thank you!” And all his fans thanked him back, some were screaming out “I love you!”

After telling the crowd he was not going to do any love songs this evening, they played “This Ain’t No Love Song,” Adkins obviously toying with his fans a bit. He often spoke about the music, whether it was the history of the song or the meaning of it but at one point he shared one of his fan’s questions, “Are there songs you do that you are sick of playing?” Adkins was very candid and said, “I said yes, but I ain’t gonna tell you.” As he laughed so did the audience.


Adkins had a melancholy moment after he sang, “You’re Gonna Miss This,” reminiscing to last weekend as he spent his Father’s Day with two of his daughters. He went on to share he has a total of five children, all girls. “I have five daughters so I am five times more confused,” then went on to share some of his confusing moments. Then after a few more tunes he discussed his work with the Wounded Warrior Project and how proud he is to be able to have done as much as he has for the project and for veterans in general. After thanking the veterans, the audience rose to their feet and as they clapped they began to chant USA, USA over and over; it was a hair-raising moment and the perfect lead into “Still a Soldier.”


Another serious moment in the show was when Adkins shared his feelings on the great loss country music had last year and they played the late great Don Williams’ song “’Till the Rivers All Run Dry.” And as serious as those moments were, there were many lighthearted moments like when he invited a young lady up on stage to sign her overalls, something he noted you do not see many girls wearing anymore. And now that he has been on the scene for twenty-two years now he proudly sang his first hit single, “There’s a Girl in Texas.”


The night was also packed with more fan favorite songs like “Chrome,” “(This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing,” “Marry For Money,” “Just Fishin’,” “Big Time,” “Come to Papa,” “I Left Something Turned on at Home,” “Hot Mama,” “Every Light in the House,” “Ladies Love Country Boys” and of course Adkins had to do the fun crowd favorite, “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”


Overall it was a great show and definitely well worth the wait, Adkins never disappoints. The How Did We Get Here Tour continues all throughout the United States and parts of Canada from now until the end of October, and do not forget to get your fix of Adkins on the big screen as he stars in the movie I Can Only Imagine that came out earlier this year.

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