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Tour Preview: Spring time is for Japanese Breakfast

Spring time is for Japanese Breakfast

This spring brings a welcome change in live music: a tour led by an Asian-American and a woman in all her ethereal rockness: Japanese Breakfast.  With dates (like her April 5th Durham, NC show) already selling out, waiting to purchase your ticket is more than foolhardy as it picks up steam.

The sole member of Japanese Breakfast is Michelle Zaurner, a singer/ guitarist from Oregon. The name is a mash up of words Zaurner thought sounded cool and unintentionally a mockery of the racist trope of how all Asians look alike; Zaurner is actually Korean.

In 2011, she started off as a member of Little Big League, an indie rock band based out of Philly.  Later, she began creating solo music through various digital EP releases, but it was her 2016 Yellow K label release of Psychopomp where the name Japanese Breakfast started making waves in indie rock. The body of work is relatively moody,  reflecting the personal turmoil she faced before and after taking care of her parents, as her mother passed from cancer. The first track “Heaven” is a testament on grief lyrically,  in stark contrast of the video where she and her friends are living life to fullest.

This tour supports her second studio album release last year on the Dead Oceans label: Soft Sounds From Another Planet.  Listed as one of RollingStone’s Rob Sheffield best albums of 2017, this album is a lo fi delight. Her first single “Machinist,” is about a woman “just wanting it all” with her digital lover. While musicians most use auto tune for its trendy appeal, JBrekkie (as she is affectionately called by fans) uses it here as a vehicle to further drive home the story to perfection. The song starts with her talking to her lover, getting you caught up in their tragic love story. The song has received praise from Frank Ocean, who has played it live to her delight.

JBrekkie is also visual artistry on another level.  The videos for her music are artistically poignant and fun as she is always bopping around adorably in them.  I’ll be first to buy if she ever puts out a visual album, a la Beyonce. In a time when music videos are slowly regaining the magic they held in the 80s and 90s, Japanese Breakfast brings thought and creativity to hers that add significantly to the music.  

This is a lengthy tour that starts in the US, heads overseas then ends back in the US in October. JBrekkie is no stranger to touring so fans old and new have plenty of opportunity to catch her live. Just grab your ticket well in advance!

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