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Tour De Prance – Sold Out Show

Tour De Prance with The Darkness and Diarrhea Planet

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ All rock, no filler.

My complimentary version of Tour De Prance consisted of two parts: Diarrhea Planet and The Darkness. I tested it, along with a sellout crowd, at The Fillmore Underground in Charlotte, NC on Apr 27, 2018. Please continue reading for my breakdown of these two components.

First off, Diarrhea Planet. With a name like that, you know they had to be good. A six piece from Nashville, TN, I knew there’s been some buzz about them, but I wasn’t familiar with their music. First thing you notice are the guitars. Four of them, plus bass and drums. My initial thought was with that many guitars it would sound muddy or devolve into noise. Much to my pleasant surprise, their sound was much cleaner than I expected, and was catchy, energetic, straight ahead rock. A short set, only a half hour, but left me wanting more.

Pros: Extra guitars.

Cons: The name.

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Diarrhea Planet - 04

Diarrhea Planet - 03

Diarrhea Planet - 10

Diarrhea Planet - 07

Diarrhea Planet - 14

Diarrhea Planet - 16

Diarrhea Planet - 22

British outfit, The Darkness, is best known for their 2003 hit, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” Fifteen years later, their sound hasn’t changed much. Extravagantly costumed, with soaring falsettos, and chugging guitars, it harkens back to the heyday of glam-rock. Much as glam-rock was originally kind of a counter to seriousness of rock and metal in the 70’s, I feel The Darkness fill much the same position now. They don’t take themselves too seriously and their music seem to exists mostly because it’s fun. Outrageously fun. There was a degree of energy, enthusiasm, and showmanship on display that I rarely see. Vocalist, Justin Hawkins, was literally hanging from the rafters before he crowd surfed the entire venue. This is a band that knows the difference between playing music on a stage and putting on a performance. And in the end, isn’t that why we go to live shows?

Pros: Much happy. Very wow.

Cons: They didn’t play in my living room.

Overall, a very good value. Would buy errrr rock again \m/.

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The Darkness - 01

The Darkness - 02

The Darkness - 04

The Darkness - 06

The Darkness - 09

The Darkness - 13

The Darkness - 15

The Darkness - 22

The Darkness - 21

The Darkness - 19


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Today 10 AM396 guests
Atlanta, GA
Mon 8 PM CDT624 guests
New Orleans, LA
Tue 7 PM CDT1,603 guests
Austin, TX
Wed 8 PM CDT276 guests
Dallas, TX

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