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Top 10 Otherworldly Sights and Sounds To Experience at an Alice Cooper Show

The Godfather of Shock Rock Brings His Paranormal Evening Tour To Ovens Auditorium

On October 9th, Alice Cooper will welcome Charlotte area rock fans to his nightmare with a stop at Ovens Auditorium as part of his A Paranormal Evening with Alice Cooper tour. Alice is a man who needs no introduction as he has been entertaining audiences for over fifty years. Long before shock rockers Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson hit the scene, Alice was pushing the boundaries of what a traditional rock and roll show could do. In fact, an Alice Cooper concert became not only a rock performance, but also a full fledged theatrical experience, incorporating intricate stage props and out of this world effects. During a live show, Alice transforms himself from rocker to actor to master of ceremonies in a true vaudevillian encounter.

To experience Alice live is a true one of a kind event that you simply won’t want to miss. It will be a night of the strange and wonderful as Alice Cooper and his band explore the mysteries of the metaphysical as they rock the audience to new heights. Here is just a sampling of the many unique things you will see and hear.


Top 10 Otherworldly Sights and Sounds To Experience When Alice Cooper Comes To Town:



There will be plenty of fake blood to be found on stage and on the band as the show goes on. Of course, Alice is not the only rocker to use this, but he is one of the first and many bands have followed his lead over the years. It won’t be over the top blood like you might see at a GWAR show, but it will definitely add to the overall spooky vibe and is a great way to kick off the Halloween holiday.

Decapitated Baby Dolls

Visions of bloody heads and dolls with missing parts will haunt your dreams as they will be strewn about the stage in an apocalyptic scene that is part horrific and part hysterically funny. These props will make a perfect set up for the Alice Cooper classic “Billion Dollar Babies.”

Giant Spider and Giant Frankenstein

Nobody loves costuming more than Alice. During part of the show, you can expect Alice to come out donning his giant spider costume. If that isn’t enough for you, how about a ginormous Frankenstein teetering around the stage? As the band plays “Feed My Frankenstein”, this over the top monster may even be electrified by mad scientist Alice if you’re lucky.

Boa Constrictor

How many live shows feature one of the strongest snakes in the world? The answer is not many, and when Alice walks out onto the stage during “Welcome To My Nightmare” with a live boa around his neck, it’s both creepy and cool.

Nita Strauss

Guitarist Nita Strauss is in a class all her own. The incredibly talented guitarist not only possesses out of this world technical skills but also is a magnetic presence on stage as she slinks and slides all over the place without missing one churning riff or fiery lead.

The Guillotine

Alice’s outrageous stage show got a little bit crazier when magician James Randi designed this prop especially for Cooper. In the early days of Alice’s career, James often appeared on stage playing the part of the Executioner as Alice became the first rock and roll musician to get beheaded on a nightly basis. It’s fun, it’s gory, it’s rock and roll in all its glory, and it’s classic Alice Cooper.

Kitchen Sink

Since people have  said that you would see everything but the kitchen sink at an Alice Cooper show, Alice has decided to one up them and bring a giant kitchen sink along for the tour. Rumor has it that Alice will get killed at some point during the show as the giant kitchen sink falls on him.

The Unknown

Let’s face it, you never really know what you’re going to see at an Alice Cooper show. This time out he’s even bringing the kitchen sink, so there may very well be plenty of other surprises coming our way. Who knows what dark and mysterious things the master showman has in store?


This wouldn’t be a rock concert without the music of course and over the years Alice had put out some spectacular tunes. Cooper brings a vast catalog of classic rock hits along for the ride. For those who really don’t care about the spectacle of the theatrical show, you needn’t worry. Alice is still belting out all the classic songs you know and love at the age of seventy with all the vim and vigor of his youth. You can still expect to hear the anthemic rocker  “I’m Eighteen” no matter how old Alice is and his controversial ballad “Only Women Bleed,” a song that tackled the difficult topic of domestic violence and abuse at a time when it was simply not something people talked about. And as millions of school children and teens have done over the years, you will get your chance to pump your fist and shout out “School’s Out!” before the night is done.


Born Vincent Damon Furnier, Alice Cooper is nothing short of legendary status. He has seen and done it all. His numerous accomplishments and accolades include a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and countless hit singles and chart topping albums. Cooper is also a successful actor, celebrity golfer, radio DJ,  is a part of the Hollywood Vampires supergroup along with Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, and even played the role of King Herod for the NBC Easter live performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. He has never rested on his laurels and his recent album, 2017’s Paranormal, is one of his best yet along with the latest live album A Paranormal Evening at the Olympia Paris.  Alice Cooper has set the bar for all the bands that have come after him; often imitated yet never duplicated. From the moment he appears on stage amidst a sea of pyrotechnics, Alice steals the show.



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Oct. 09 — Charlotte, N.C. @ Ovens Auditorium

Oct. 10 — Atlanta, Ga. @ Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Oct. 12 — Chattanooga, Tenn. @ Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium

Oct. 13 — Biloxi, Miss. Beau Rivage

Oct. 14 — Houston, Texas @ White Oak Music Hill Lawn

Oct. 16 — Irving, Texas @ The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory

Oct. 17 — Park City, Kan. @ Hartman Arena

Oct. 19 — Memphis, Tenn. @ Orpheum Theater

Oct. 20 — St. Louis, Mo. @ Peabody Opera House

Oct. 21 — Cedar Rapids, Iowa @ Paramount Theater

Oct. 23 — Des Moines, Iowa @ Des Moines Civic Center

Oct. 24 — Rockford, Ill. @ Coronado Performing Arts Center

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