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Tommy Boi Takes Listeners On a “Holiday” With New Single

Let His Dreamy Brand Of Pop Soothe Your Soul

In the world of pop music, there are certain artists whose voices simply ooze with beauty and soul. Put one of their songs on and you can instantly change the mood in a room. They are the perfect accompaniment for a romantic interlude or an intimate conversation with your soulmate and every generation has their favorites. For me, iconic singers like Otis Redding or Ray Charles come to mind while the younger set may enjoy a little Justin Timberlake or Sam Smith. Up and coming artist Tommy Boi fits the bill and just may end up being the soulful voice of the next generation.

The California native got an early start to his musical career studying classical piano and singing in church. Known back then as Brett Patterson, the young singer knew he wanted to pursue music as a career and began working toward that ultimate goal. His biggest break would come in the form of the well known television show American Idol. Inspired by the music of  Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood, Patterson decided he would try his luck and audition for Season 12 of American Idol. The judges were impressed enough by his raw talent to grant him the much coveted golden ticket and earn him a spot in Hollywood. Although, he did not make it that far into the competition, Patterson garnered a huge fan base through his use of social media that has stood by him and helped launch his career.


Patterson would utilize his social media presence to his benefit with a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his first EP. Changing his professional name to Tommy, he would release a four song EP in 2017, Beauty Is Everywhere, that began the start of a new chapter in his musical career. The EP is a true showcase to his vocal talents. His smooth vocals are at the forefront of “Naive,” a driving pop song with sweeping synths before the scene changes to the angst filled lament of “You Never Called Back.” The trance like rhythms of “Found Again” juxtapose nicely with the funky horn like riff of the upbeat dance track “Rocket” which features a rap section midway through.


Tommy doesn’t want to be just another sex symbol pop star. His mission and music are much more than something so superficial. With his passion for songwriting, Tommy is taking things in a different direction in an attempt to bring hope and encouragement to his listeners. In 2018, he changed his moniker once again and is now writing and recording under the name Tommy Boi. His newest single “Holiday” was released on October 4th and is the perfect song for his voice. This magical love song is sexy, smooth, and sultry and will take you on a romantic ride that will leave you breathless. What would make date night better than Tommy Boi serenading you and that special someone? If your date likes to dance, just pop on “Paradise” with its laid back rhythms just urging you to get up and groove. Don’t worry if you’re single and date night isn’t in your cards right now, Tommy Boi will ease your broken heart with the soft, danceable vibe of “Glue,” where he professes “I just want to be the glue that puts your heart back together.” One listen will tear at your heartstrings and hit you deep down inside, soothing your soul.

With fervent, passionate vocals and enchanting synth pop rhythms, Tommy Boi is a must listen, not only for date night but for any night.

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