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Todd Rundgren pleases his fans at the NYCB Theatre

It does not usually snow on Long Island in early December but on Saturday December 9th, Mother Nature decided to drop several inches on the Island. While it helped with the holiday spirit it made the trip to the NYCB Theatre at Westbury in Westbury, NY a bit interesting, but it was not about to stop me and over one thousand other people from going to see the one and only Todd Rundgren perform his latest songs and his classic hits from his catalogue of music from the past fifty years.

With no opening act it was an awesome evening with Rundgren and his band, Jesse Gress (guitar), Greg Hawkes (keyboards), Prairie Prince (drums), Kasim Sulton (bass) and the beautiful and talented Global Girls, Ashle Worrick and Grace Yoo. Making a subtle entrance in a plume of smoke and dark lighting, Rundgren, looking sharp in a black suit with a red tie, he waved to the crowd as the band began to play. In a matter of moments the stage was lit and the show was in full swing with “Come,” “Truth,” and then everyone was on their feet dancing to “Everybody.”

Without skipping a beat, when Rundgren was not singing he kept up with the smooth footwork of the Global Girls, perfectly in sync. After “Rise,” “Look at Me” and “Sir Reality,” everyone left the stage. A video began to play on the large screen that was the backdrop to the stage; it soon became apparent that the band was taking a quick break while a video played for the song “Deaf Ears.” As the video came to an end, the band took to their instruments and the Global Girls came out with the first of several wardrobe changes for the evening. They were now sporting blond wigs and short shorts with sheer shirts and fishnet stockings. Rundgren also had a wardrobe change, with a cut off t-shirt and his guitar strapped on, he was ready to rock.

Rocking his fans out to “Let’s Do This,” “Buffalo Grass,” and “Strike,” he then treated them to a Utopia song, “Secret Society.” Still rocking hard and showing his many talents on the guitar, they played one more song “This Is Not a Drill” before taking another mini-break. During this break a video played for a new song, “Tin Foil Hat” in which President Donald Trump was the main subject of the song. Rundgren and the Girls had another wardrobe change; this time Rundgren was wearing a sharp red suit with an orange shirt underneath and a pair of stunning red shoes. The Girls in pretty frilly dresses, one in pink the other in orange, minus wigs and showing their long pretty hair.

Keeping the show moving at full speed they played “Beginning (Of The End),” “Love Science” and “Sweet.” As if the fans were not already enjoying the party, Rundgren took off his suit jacket and said, “Ok it’s time to get out of those seats! Get up and raise those hands!” And they kicked it up with “Party Liquor,” it was like an all out dance party with the audience singing, dancing and jumping along, raising their hands each time Rundgren and the Girls raised theirs. After such excitement, it was time to take it down a notch with the heartfelt song, “Past.” Then they played a new song, one that features Daryl Hall on the recording and was played when Rundgren appeared on Daryl’s House, “Chance For Us.” After all the cheering subsided, the next song Rundgren showed yet another side of his many talents and breaks down a rap with “No World Order,” keeping up with the best of the rappers on the scene today.

The Global Girls ran backstage and swiftly returned with a quick cover over their dresses, they both had a different classic photo of Rundgren on the cover over and they went into the fun song “Buy My T.” The lighthearted fun song had fans cheering along, a few stood up showing Rundgren the t-shirts they wore to the show this night and they did not go unnoticed. Before the song was over Rundgren and the Girls threw several balled up t-shirts into the crowd. The girls took another quick run backstage to remove the cover overs and returned to accompany Rundgren in “God Said.” Right after the song was over Rundgren waved and said “Thank you!” and they all left the stage.

The fans were cheering and screaming, some chanting “Todd, Todd, Todd!” and before long they all returned to the stage. This time the only wardrobe change was on Rundgren, he was now in black and white patterned pants, a white leather jacket over his bare chest and he had bare feet; they rocked another Utopia song, “One World.” The band then started the beat of a song so many in attendance were hoping they would hear, but before that moment would happen Rundgren took an opportunity to introduce the band. Then it was time for an all out sing-along with “Hello It’s Me.” As if that song was not enough to end the evening, there was one last rocking song, “Just One Victory,” and Rundgren gave it his all. Ending the night Rundgren said, “Thank you everybody! Happy holidays! We love you and good night!” and the fans were all on their feet cheering.

The show was full of versatility and vibrancy. Rundgren is not only a serious storyteller with the lyrics of his songs but seeing him bring those songs alive with his expressive physical motions is purely amazing. In one way it is hard to believe he has been making music for fifty years but his undeniable talent tells the story of his experience. His band is made up of seasoned musicians who have played with him for many of those years and the accompaniment of the Global Girls, who have also been with him for some time now, really caps it all off. Rundgren shows no signs of slowing down, with the release of White Knight earlier this year, he is keeping the tour going into 2018. Even if you have had the chance to see him perform over the years, I would highly recommend seeing him again, and if you have never seen him live, go get your tickets now!


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Photographer/writer: Diane Woodcheke

Venue: NYCB Theatre at Westbury in Westbury, NY

Performance by: Todd Rundgren


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