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Three Guests, a duo that’s a triple threat

Introduce yourself to Three Guests, a duo that is a triple threat

This duo finds themselves writing, producing and recording their own music while gearing up for their biggest year yet.  

Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania they now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada where they not only write their own songs but also record and produce them as well. As best friends in high school they played music together but it wasn’t until they made their first original song together that they decided to form a group. Three Guests is a Smooth Hip Hop duo consisting of Jordan Rys (vocals) and Noah Devore (keyboard). Over the last few years they’ve been working hard to get their music out into the world, and we’d say they’ve been doing pretty well – considering their debut single “Marilyn” now has close to 2 million streams and over 250k views on YouTube. That’s one heck of a way to bust onto the music scene, but that is only the beginning for these artists.

Along with such a successful debut they recently released their first EP titled “3G” followed by a full album titled Sunset Lane just a few months later. It’s very clear these guys have been very busy and 2019 is about to launch them farther than they’ve ever been. We wanted to get to know the duo a little more, so we connected and asked them a few questions to pull back the curtain and discover more about “3G”.


The first thing we wanted to know was with two people in the band, where did the name “Three Guests” come from. As it turns out, the name came about by their desire to work with other artists, so instead of two they used the number three as to encourage collaboration. As for the word “guests” it is because they are men of faith and “believe that everything in this world is temporary.” They said they “focus on not what is here at the moment” and treat the world as somewhere they are staying for a short while.

In the music industry it can often be brutal and difficult to thrive but these are two guys that know what it takes and hard work is something they don’t shy away from. They know the impact that musics platforms can have on people and even society, which can sometimes rival that of actors and politicians. With all of this in mind they have chosen to live “an abnormal life” and be remembered when they pass. Music is the path they have chosen to achieve that.

With that hard work, comes success. Their music video for their debut single now has a quarter million views on YouTube  and the song itself has reached almost 2 million listeners.

“The success ‘Marilyn’ has had as our debut single blows our mind everyday. We couldn’t be more pleased with the traction it has gained. The inspiration comes from our own history as well as a broad message to all people. The idea is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We used Marilyn Monroe as our symbol for beauty and then changed her appearance to suggest a beautiful girl does not necessarily need to have blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone could be someone else’s Marilyn.”

As they continue on their journey to share the passion of music with the world, and now knowing they want to help make an impact through their music, we were curious who has made an impact on them. As far as musical inspirations, some the biggest influences that drive them to create their own sound includes blackbear, NF, The Weeknd, and Post Malone. Building on that thought, something we were also curious about was which artist they would love to collaborate with in the future, given the chance. Jordan’s go-to choice was who he says is the “best writer on the planet” which he considers Poo Bear. As to be expected, one of the choices for Noah was one that also plays a large part when it comes to inspiring him as well. That artist being NF, a rapper that has grown exponentially in the last year by sharing his own stories.

With a new year now upon us and with all of the hard work these guys have put in, it’s only natural to expect great things from them.

“Everything in 2019 is going to be cranked up. There will be twice as much music and hopefully ten times as many shows. We’ve finally created a solid foundation for ourselves and built an image, it’s time to take it full speed and start busting out content.”

As you heard from the men themselves, 2019 has a lot in store and you’ll definitely want to make sure to keep and eye and ear out for what’s next. Make sure to give them a follow on social media or head over to their YouTube channel to check out some more of their music, including lots of cover songs with their own unique spin.

Speed Round:

Favorite Old School Game?

  • Jordan: Super Mario for sure.
  • Noah: Super Mario Sunshine specifically.

Favorite movie?

  • Jordan: The First Kingsman.
  • Noah: When Harry Met Sally.

What show or movie have you recently watched on Netflix that you love?

  • Jordan: Don’t have Netflix, but currently am hooked on Hulu/NBC “This is Us”
  • Noah: “Friends” all day.

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