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Third Eye Blind Announce New Album, Screamer

Summer Gods Tour stopped in Charlotte

Screamer is coming!

Words by: Dianna Augustine | Photos by: Ricky Thigpen

Third Eye Blind announce new album, Screamer, and share title track featuring Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Kraus. And we are loving it!  You can listen to the new single, scroll to the bottom to hear it.

Third Eye Blind-6210

They’re at it again, not only are they out on a summer trek Summer of Gods tour with tourmates Jimmy Eat World, and RaRa Riot, now we are getting new music in the form of the band’s sixth record. The upcoming album titled Screamer is set to feature the likes of Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Kraus, Ryan Olson of Marijuana Death Squad, Poliça, and Billy Corgan. The sixth full-length-album is slated to drop October 18th on the heels of last years Thanks for Everything EP release, this mash-up of sounds is a bit of a reminder of why the 90s bands are set to dominate 2020 with the velocity of a meteor.

The album will actually be available on October 11th, ahead of its October 18th worldwide release date,  as part of the “Ten Bands One Cause” pink vinyl campaign benefiting Gilda’s Club NYC. 

Check out the new single:


The wispy otherworldly vocals of Alexis Kraus married Jenkins nasal undertones that have made Third Eye Blind a band who held-up over time and expanded on their musicianship and ability to write a catchy hook while giving the fans what they want decade-after-decade. The single, “Screamer,” gives you a trippy vibe chock full of lyrics to scream back at the band during a live show. It’s the single of summer to blast in your headphones and get lost at the beach, in a hammock, or on a roller coaster. A soundtrack to youth, they’ve tapped into the right place and we are not angry about this one bit!

The tour stop in Charlotte:

The show the other day in Charlotte at PNC Music Pavilion gave more proof that the 90s era music is still a hot draw and branching out its musical tentacles in 2019.  

Ra Ra Riot-4258
Indie rockers  Ra Ra Riot opened the gig with a short and sweet set. For those coming to experience the 90s, it gave the band a time to help people go back toward 2006 when the band was conceived to lead them all the way back to the 90s when the co-headliners blossomed. They played with skill and talked just a tiny bit long enough that we now know that on August 9th their new album Superbloomed will be out and after what we saw in performance we think everyone should head on over and preorder it now!

Jimmy Eat World-6030

Jimmy Eat World was up next giving the fans the nostalgia bug. Their setlist was a what’s what of popular tunes and some fan favorites sprinkled in there. The energy unparalleled and the sing-a-longs give that money well-spent vibe.  Their 14 song set laid heavy with their 2001 album Bleed American. In a time of turmoil in the states with politics, nuclear indifference, and out-right chaos,  it just makes sense. They sprinkled in their smash hits “Sweetness,” “Hear You Me,” “Bleed American,” and ended the night on fan-favorite and most recognizable J.E.W single, “The Middle.”  What makes this tour different than the rest? The intense energy the band was giving the crowd, the heat that seemed to leave the band unaffected, and the vibe that something is changing, something big is coming. They have much more in store for us!

Jimmy Eat World-6025

Jimmy Eat World-5973

Jimmy Eat World-1356

Jimmy Eat World-1347

Jimmy Eat World-1362

Jimmy Eat World-1333

Jimmy Eat World is currently on the “Summer Gods Tour” and is set to rock the Gunnersville Festival (UK) stage this Fall.

Jimmy Eat World Setlist PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC, USA, Summer Gods Tour 2019

Not to have a long pause in between sets – Third Eye Blind jumped right into action starting their hour and 15 minute set on a large riser platform behind a curtain that shielded them further to the deepest part of the stage. The band emerged after the curtain dropped and they made their way closer to the fans a few songs in with “Never Let You Go.” Vocalist Stephan Jenkins engaged the crowd in a way that made everyone feel like a singular musical being. While rows of chairs and tons of concrete separated them, the eager singing crazed 3eb fans did everything in their power to fill those gaps.

Third Eye Blind-6201

Third Eye Blind-6153

Third Eye Blind-6457

Third Eye Blind-6398

Third Eye Blind-4690

Third Eye Blind-4641

Third Eye Blind-4493

Third Eye Blind-1389
We were treated to extended versions of popular single “Jumper” to full sing-a-thons of “How’s It Going to Be,” “Never Let You Go,” and new single “Screamer.” To round out the performance, the final encore, “Semi-Charmed Life,” was a way to wrap up an entire night of memories and energies leaving us all longing for the next time we get new music or a concert from the 90s goliaths.

Third Eye Blind-4697

And with that, the show was over with a group hug and a wave to the crowd, until next time.

Third Eye Blind are currently on the “Summer Gods Tour” and also scheduled to play Austin City Limits in the Fall. 

See full gallery of the night by Ricky Thigpen here!

Third Eye Blind Setlist PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC, USA, Summer Gods Tour 2019

New album Screamer out October 18th

Screamer Tracklist:

  1. Screamer
  2. The Kids Are Coming (to take you down)
  3. Ways
  4. Tropic Scorpio
  5. Walk Like Kings
  6. Turn Me On
  7. Got So High
  8. Who Am I
  9. Light It Up
  10. 2X Tigers
  11. Take a Side
  12. Who Am I (acoustic)

Catch this tour:

The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
Wed 7 PM MSTAllyson Song River Jaynes is going
Phoenix, AZ


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