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The White Buffalo is on the Move!

Touring through Canada and stopping in North Carolina

Where are my Sons of Anarchy fans at? We all know the show was filled with miraculous music from several artists including Audra Mae, Franky Perez, The Forest Rangers, and of course The White Buffalo. The White Buffalo, AKA Jake Smith, intensified the heart breaking series finale as he sang “Come Join the Murder” written by the shows creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter.

Smith was born in Oregon after which he and his family moved to California where he was brought up listening to country and punk rock music. Some of his musical influences include Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Richie Havens.

Along with having, and or being featured on ten tracks with the Sons of Anarchy series, The White Buffalo has also been featured on This is Us, Californication, The Observatory, and the Netflix Original series The Punisher.

Since his official studio debut, Smith has earned a handful of awards and nominations. He was named as one of the  12 artists to watch on the 2012 Winter Music Preview, and his track “Wish it Were True” was named Billboard Folk’s “Hot Shot Debut.” As of 2017 The White Buffalo has six studio albums, has been featured on four soundtracks, and has even been on a few commercials.

The White Buffalo has been touring over the past few years both nationally, and internationally. Playing shows with fellow artists Ryan Birmingham, Ziggy Marley, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, The White Buffalo is quickly gaining attention. For his upcoming tour The White Buffalo will be playing tracks off of his new album Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights which was released by Thirty Tigers in early January 2017.

The White Buffalo will be making two stops in North Carolina this tour. The Grey Eagle in Asheville on February 10th, and in Shutter 16’s hometown of Charlotte at the Visulite Theatre. Tickets are currently $16 and going fast, so grab yours ASAP!


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