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The Top 5 Moogfest Events for Everyone

Electronica and techno music used to be like a foreign language to me. I couldn’t nod to the beat; it was too fast, too everything that I wasn’t used to. Like any unfamiliar genre though, all you need is the right song to turn you into a fan. Cue my college years when I was reintroduced to house and techno music and a new convert was made out of me.

Moogfest feels like next step of evolution into a proper electronic music fandom. It’s a festival fusing current and future technology and its creative cousin: music. The festival has its origin story in NY with its creator Robert Moog, a pioneer in electronic music. It developed from a one-night party into a full-on festival that now calls Durham, NC home.

The line-up is monstrous, daunting even but full of diversity, speakers, and topics that range from production to A.I. Rest assured, there’s plenty for the average citizen to find interesting but to save time we’ll list some lectures and performances that everyone can readily enjoy.

Thursday May 17th:

Maya Weinstein: The IBM designer will be keynote speaker on how AI and creativity can combine in the future. It is described as an “interactive workshop” is is guaranteed to fill up fast.

Friday May 18th

Madame Gandhi: Music is about self expression but not every artist is able to discovery their own voice, separate from influences and trends. This workshop deals with using music production, with Madame Gandhi walking participants through her own processes used for her own work and how to apply them.

Saturday May 19th

KRS-One: Some artists must be seen live and Hip Hop architect and pioneer KRS-One is one of them. One of the artists that helped propel hip hop into the mainstream genre it is today, this performance promises to be one for the books.

Sunday May 20th:

For No Good Reason Screening: If film is more your bag, there are a few screenings throughout the weekend as well. This effort about the work of artists Ralph Steadman (best known for his work with Hunter S. Thompson) by the directing and production team of Charlie and Lucy Paul will be screening all weekend actually. Sunday is just the perfect time to catch their first feature film and end your weekend on a high note.

Any “In Conversation” Event: All weekend the artists, like Kelela and KRS-One for example, are hosting in-depth conversation sessions and workshops. Basically you can mix and match depending upon your schedule and discover a new favorite artist simply by showing up and taking the time to engage. It’s one of the best highlights of Moogfest and it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Reminder, this is a super abbreviated schedule for Moogfest. Please check out their website for tickets and a full listing, there are bountiful amazing workshops and lectures to choose from. Don’t let the tech  scare you, this festival is for the people and should definitely be supported if you’re in the area.

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