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The Talbott Brothers Bring Soul and Heart Wherever They Go.

The Talbott Brothers Bring Soul and Heart Wherever They Go.

 (The Evening Muse -Charlotte, NC)

Do you know that feeling you get when you hear a new artist and you instantly need to hear every song they’ve released and then you go and follow them on social media so you can find out as soon as they announce new music or a tour? Well that is exactly what happened with me (Derek), your friendly neighborhood ginger when I discovered the music of The Talbott Brothers. Now, if you are curious who these guys are, allow me to enlighten you. First things first, yes they really are brothers and their names are Tyler and Nick. Originally from Nebraska, they now call Oregon home when they are not on the road.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_29

Over the years they’ve released 3 albums independently all of which have a common Americana funky thread that runs throughout. The first of which was one by the name of ‘The Road’ and the most recent album being ‘Gray’. The later features some of the songs that got me hooked on this incredible duo. Some of those songs being ‘Love Again’, ‘American Dream’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Go’. A year and a half after finding their music, they finally announced a tour that would help them find their way to the east coast and I wanted to make sure I was there to witness their performance live.

Ross Adams_1

On a crisp and cold December evening our night began with Charlotte based musician, Ross Adams. He along with Miranda Regar brought some powerful vocals that were fueled with emotion.

Ross Adams_8

Out in support of Adams’ latest album ‘Songs from an Ancient Terrace’ songs such as ‘Wild Nights’ showcased the rich and pure vocals that sang words you immediately felt connected to. Though many of his songs are slower and deep with meaning,

Ross Adams_5

Adams still made time to make jokes with Miranda on stage. At one point, Adams turned the mic to Regar as she performed a cover along with Adams of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Stolen Car’.   

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_32

Shortly after clearing the stage it was then time for the Talbott Brothers to make their North Carolina debut. To kick things off they brought us immediately into their world with foot stomping and rhythmic guitar melodies found throughout their collection but specifically ‘Running Man’ in that introductory moment. It was clear from the first note that what you hear on their albums not only stays true when played live, it is actually amplified in a beautiful way.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_6

Within the crowd you could see and hear those that were avid fans and even those maybe not as familiar were drawn into the talent before them.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_20

There were multiple moments throughout the evening that remain memorable. The funny banter between younger brother and lead vocalist Tyler and big brother Nick who plays the part of harmonies and guitarist was one of those moments.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_30

Others included the soulful spin on cover songs such as Bill Withers’ ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ and Neil Young’s ‘Old Man’. Although, perhaps the most memorable moment for me was when they were performing their own original song ‘Without a Doubt’ from their upcoming album.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_17

The album in which will release around summer of 2019. It was a song I had personally not heard before but it was also one that brought soft and hypnotic vocals that offer both a sense of calm and sorrow. As I looked around, the audience surrounding me was in the same trance I was in.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_33

Continuing throughout the evening they gave us hit after hit from albums old and new. Such as ‘Deadmans Pass’, ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ and ‘Playing With Matches’. Later Tyler was polling the crowd on their preference of “Blues or Funky”. Immediately the majority of the crowd said “Blues” then a select few yelled out “Funky”. This translated into the brothers performing a version of ‘Dreamin’ that began in an upbeat and funky manner before switching to a slower tempo halfway through channeling a feeling of blues. Shortly after, Nick took to the spotlight as he began to sing ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and got the crowd clapping along as he and Tyler ramped up the speed to get everyone amped up.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_26

Before saying goodnight and goodbye they ended with a song that acts as the title track to their first album… ‘The Road’. In this time they kicked everything up a notch by bringing in a harmonica and mandolin to close out the night in the perfect way.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_4

However, that wasn’t quite the end of our night with The Talbott Brothers. After everyone had left the venue and the brothers were packing up the van to prepare to depart for their next destination. Fellow photographer, fan and merch slinger Emily Pearson requested one more song.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_21

That song was one that was not included on the setlist by the name of ‘Love Again’. Which generated an impromptu performance in the Charlotte streets deemed by Nick as the “Sprinter Sessions”, as we stood in front of their Mercedes Sprinter. Here’s a little glimpse of these genuinely kind and talented brothers doing what they do best.


Make sure to take the time to check out these incredible musicians and give them a follow on social media to stay up-to-date on upcoming tours and music.

Talbott Brothers_Charlotte_25

You can see them close out winter in select city around the country before making their way down to Florida to set sail on The Rock Boat XIX. They are sure to climb the charts as time passes on and you’ll want to be along for the entire ride.  

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