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The Revivalists Bring Their Unique Sounds to the Fillmore

New Orleans is well known for it unique stylings of jazz, blues, dixieland, and funk. Born out of brass marching bands that brought us such artists as Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, and the Marsalis family, “The Big Easy” gave Charlotte an opportunity to check out some of its funky sounds from one of their hottest bands, The Revivalists.


Accompanying The Revivalists, we had a chance to check out Muddy Magnolias. The Magnolias are currently being led by Brooklyn native, Jessy Wilson and her bluesy, country rock sound. She mentioned that Kallie North, the other founding member of the group, is no longer playing with the band. She has however put together a really nice band that makes no apologies for coming out and putting on a kick ass show.

Jessy’s powerful vocals do nothing but impress while the band works in tune with her. I guess when your mentor is John Legend, you should be able to impress, and she sure does. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the heavy rock sounds from the guitar and the hard funk bass popping, making you feel like you are driving all the way down I-40 back to Nashville. After the set, Jessy spent the rest of the show at the merch table shaking hands and “kissing babies” as she said. All smiles, she looked like she was having a great time meeting the fans and spreading the word on her work of love, Muddy Magnolias.

By the time The Revivalists made their way on stage, the house was packed again. Another Sunday night sold out show at the Fillmore and another sold out show for the guys on the road. Apparently, their shows are selling out a lot these days, and from what I heard, setting beer sales records everywhere they go.


Seven members strong, they are riding the wave of success of their hit single “Wish I Knew You.” The guys are filling venues full of fans to hear their New Orleans sounds. Sound is a good word for it. Big sounds. Steel guitar and saxophones bookend the stage with booming power, while David Shaw takes his vocalization right down the middle on a catwalk in front of the stage.

Clad in his signature t shirt and suspenders, his vocal stylings held their own. I did feel the mix was off a little. When the band really moved into overdrive in volume, I couldn’t hear the vocals as well as I would liked to have. I felt that Shaw was being drowned out a bit. The crowd did not let that dissuade their enthusiasm and they threw their hands up and moved their hips with the band.

The guys gave everything they had all night long as they dueled between guitar solos, sax acrobatics, and steel guitar picking that would have made the best stand up and cheer. There was a tribute to Tom Petty which seems to be somewhat standard these days with their version of “Refugee,” and a unique twist on The Allman Brothers, “Midnight Rider.” These two additions seemed to be big hits with the crowd and I saw some folks who may not have been as familiar with a lot of the band’s music get amped up as these classics rocke the Fillmore in the their encore set.



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