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The Pretty Reckless show New Jersey that Rock N Roll will Never Die

Who You Selling For Tour

If you don’t know The Pretty Reckless, you either aren’t into rock music or you might be living under a rock. The band bursted into the hard rock scene with their debut album Light Me Up in 2010 stirring up quite a bit of controversy. The band’s frontwoman Taylor Momsen, then only 17 years old, caught a lot of attention for her outfits and bad girl lyrics but to those who could see past that saw an authentic rock n’ roll band. Taylor Momsen’s powerful raspy voice along with bandmates Ben Phillips, Mark Damon, and Jamie Perkins created a sound the rock world had been missing.

Between 2013 and 2015 the band toured furiously around the world in support of their sophomore album Going To Hell. The album featured a beautiful blend of rock and blues, and the album debuted at #5 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. The record featured three #1 singles “F*cked Up World,” “Follow Me Down,” and “Heaven Knows.” With all the success of the album and songs, it meant heavy touring demand for the New York City rock outfit, sending the band on seven combined tour legs between North America and Europe.

Ever since The Pretty Reckless (Razor & Tie) debuted in 2010, the band has steamrolled through tours and albums with what seems like no break. After the band’s two years worth of touring in support of Going To Hell, Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips returned to the studio and began writing their third full length album Who You Selling For, which is available HERE, released on October 21st of 2016. The record deals with a ton of emotions surrounding depression and feeling isolated. Many of those feelings inspired by Momsen’s time on the road, Who You Selling For features the singles “Take Me Down” and “Oh My God,” and really showcases the versatility of Momsen’s voice. Once again the band planned to go full steam ahead in support of the record, but that recently changed when the band was on tour earlier this year with SoundGarden during the tragic passing of singer Chris Cornell, who was not only a legend in the music world but also one of Taylor’s idols. The band cancelled this particular show at Starland, understandably so as it was originally scheduled for the day after Cornell’s passing. The band finished their scheduled dates at the end of May and early June and have been quiet since.

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Until now, which brings us to the rescheduled show at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey, which is the only U.S date booked as of now.

I arrived to Starland Ballroom for the sold out make up show, and there was a line that stretched behind the building and down one end of the parking lot. It was a chilly 27 degrees but that didn’t stop Pretty Reckless fans from coming out to see the show. I entered the venue, which looked just as packed inside as it was outside – definitely sold out. As I walked through the venue I saw fans of all ages, some whose first introduction to rock music may have very well been because of The Pretty Reckless.

The house lights went down and the band took the stage, and Momsen of course in all black with a long leather coat, and the intro to “Follow Me Down” began. If you’ve never seen The Pretty Reckless live, they’re not that band that’s about a crazy light show or screens and you won’t see outfit changes (aside from Momsen taking off her coat a few songs in). Instead Taylor Momsen and company prefer to give you a raw, old fashioned rock show packed with the best of their best songs. They rip through the set with Momsen hitting unbelievable notes that easily match her tone on the albums, and Ben Phillips shreds away on guitar solo’s while slamming on his Whammy pedal. The band plays fast and heavy and love the crowd participation in songs like “Heaven Knows,” “Living In The Storm,” and “Going To Hell,” where Momsen tells the crowd: “New Jersey, sing it with me.

Momsen and her band have a stage chemistry that very few others have. They interact with each other quite a bit during shows, whether it be Momsen dancing behind Ben during a solo or Ben and Mark playing at each other, it’s clear they enjoy being on stage together. Before introducing the band’s final song “Take Me Down,” guitarist Ben Phillips steps to the mic and says “I just really want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being here. It’s been a while since this band has played together and we are so thankful to see you all.” The band sounded tighter than ever and Taylor Momsen’s vocals could do no wrong. After “Take Me Down” the band came out for an encore of “F*cked Up World” which Momsen described as “fitting for the times we’re in.” The band has definitely had a tough year on a personal level but I really look forward to seeing what’s next from The Pretty Reckless. When they return to the states, I will be there!!!

According to an Instagram post by Taylor Momsen this show was the start of the last tour in support of Who You Selling For you can catch the band in Europe supporting Stone Sour from November 15th in Denmark until the tour ends December 14th in Switzerland. Checkout all the dates below as well as the ticket link HERE!


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