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The Motet helps to open US National Whitewater Center

7th Annual Green River Revival

Photographer: Nathan Leslie of

The band who broke the seal on the first event of the season at the center was Virginia-based psychedelic-soul brothers Major & The Monbacks (Yep Roc Records). They played some of their hits from the self titled album during their two sets, and paused long enough to get their green on.

After their first set the river turned green throughout the area and all rejoiced; one of the coolest parts of the day.


It was then time for The Motet: The Colorado-based band is no stranger to the Belmont Abbey Island stage. The band played two sets and enjoyed the cool air all bundled up. Here in Charlotte mother nature is most definitely drunk.

It was hot enough earlier this week to put on the air conditioning and tomorrow we are prepping for snow; the crowd was even treated with some random flurries before the start of the music. This weird combination of cool and sunny didn’t divert the crowd from having fun at this show. Many were drenched in tie-dye colors having just done a color run.


Others were fresh, having mimosas with their pups in toe. You are absolutely sure to smell patchouli and sunblock at WWC no matter what day of the year you attend. Have you ever heard of The Motet? Here are some highlights and fun factoids:


The Motet:

  • Are politically outspoken on such things as the President and the Dakota Pipeline

  • Their new album *TOTEM* is available now

  • Have a penchant for interesting photographer via their website and instagram

  • They play any and every festival possible for jam bands

  • Vocalist Lyle Divinsky has a knack for eloquent words and journaling


If you didn’t get a chance to join in on the music celebration this week you have another chance to catch a great fest at WWC April 21-23, Tuckfest; with great performers such as on Friday April 21 The Revivalists and Keller Williams. Saturday’s line up consists of Anderson East, The Hip Abduction, The Werks, Maybird, Butcher Brown, and to round out the dance party on Sunday Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Margo Price, and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades.


We will be there bringing you some live-streaming fun and catch all the sights.

See full gallery of the day here.

Until next time – enjoy the sounds of The Motet at Green River Revival


Hear full recording of the concert here.

The Motet Set list :

Set 1
1. Just Around the Corner (Herbie Hancock Tune)
2. Ain’t No Way
3. So High
4. Like We Own It
5. Cretan
6. Getten to Know You (P-Funk Cover)
7. Know It Too Well
8. I Feel For You (Prince Cover)
9. Fool No More
Set 2
10 Cloak and Dagger
11. Damn
12 Supernova
13. Rynodub
14. Keep On Don’t Stoppin’
15. Back It Up
16. The Truth
17. Nemesis
18. Not Just Knee Deep (P-Funk Cover)
19. Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed

Catch them on tour:

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