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The Legendary Twisted Sister Frontman Shows His Love Of Metal On New Album

Iconic Metal Vocalist Dee Snider Is Back!

With a storied career of over forty years in rock and roll, Dee Snider has seen and heard it all. After chugging it out in the rock clubs of New York and New Jersey for years, Dee became a household name as Twisted Sister rocketed to superstar status with the release of their third album Stay Hungry in 1985. The record spawned classic rock anthems “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock” as the Goldilock blonde mane and garish makeup of Snider and his fellow bandmates were broadcast straight into the living rooms of middle America. It was the MTV era – a time when the channel played music videos and teenagers everywhere could finally put a face to the music they so adored. The eighties were also the era of hair metal, and the bigger and bolder the costumes and makeup, the better much to the horror of parents and a more conservative generation.  In fact, Twisted Sister was one of the bands singled out and heavily criticized for their lyrical content by the PMRC, a conservative watchdog organization named the Parents’ Music Resource Center, putting Snider smack in the middle of a heated legal battle which eventually found him testifying before the United States Senate on behalf of rock and roll. The years following had their fair share of ups and downs for both Snider and Twisted Sister with the commercial success of Stay Hungry surpassed by the disappointment of their Come Out and Play album.

Just when Twisted Sister was getting back into the rock scene playing festivals and sporadic shows, the band suffered a horrible tragedy with the untimely death of drummer A.J. Pero in 2015.  Twisted chose to call it quits as a band going out with a farewell Forty and F*ck It Tour, and a tribute show in honor of Pero. Through it all, Dee has remained a class act lending his talents to many different art forms including his own horror movie, a stint on Broadway, a reality television series, his own radio show, and authoring two successful and highly entertaining autobiographies.  At the end of the day, however, Snider is a true rock and roll warrior and always comes back to what he loves the most and that which got him started, metal.

The iconic frontman is back on the attack with an all new album of metal madness, For The Love of Metal.  The record is about to drop and metal fans better hold on to their hats because the new record really packs a punch. Like many of Twisted Sister’s classic anthems, the opening track “Lies Are a Business”, starts off with a thundering drum salvo before Snider comes in with a gruff vocal style more in the tones of  modern metal than anything he has done before. Then the guitars crank up and take things into overdrive. Wow! So far, this is by far the heaviest music I have ever heard from Snider. Things don’t let up with the frenzied thrash like feel of  “Tomorrow’s No Concern”.

When Snider shouts “I gave you yesterday! Tomorrow is no concern,” you have to stand up and take notice. This isn’t going to be a throwback hair metal record but a full on metal onslaught that will stand with the very best of the best.

Dee got some outside help for this album, mainly in the form of Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta, who gave it a updated feel on the production end and who was also instrumental in seeking out outside sources to write songs specifically for Snider.  Tracks like “I Am The Hurricane” and “American Made” have an undeniable groove with some post-hardcore vibes thrown in for good measure. Don’t worry though, this isn’t just Dee singing a bunch of outside songs. Snider truly makes each song his own melding his vocals across a variety of sounds and really testing the limits of his own voice.  

The crunching riffs of “Roll Over You” take off like a freight train leaving the station taking you from zero to sixty in no time flat before leveling things off for a soaring, melodic chorus. Guitars, guitars, and more guitars are the name of the game for the blistering feel of “I’m Ready”, and the morphed voice at the beginning of “Running Mazes” sets things to go at warp speed. At this point in the game, I am overwhelmed by the intensity of this album. It is nothing like what I expected and really takes Dee to an entirely new level in the realms of metal.

A host of guest contributors were also brought in for the record and the result is a great variety of styles and influences that are held together by the dynamics of Snider’s vocal madness. Former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones lends his pipes to mesh with Dee’s on the hard hitting “The Hardest Way” and Arch Enemy vocalist Alyssa White-Gluz gives a feel of ethereal beauty combined with the classical guitars of “Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy).” The album closes out with the mind melting title track “For The Love Of Metal”, which has a great grind to it and really is a great blend of old school and new metal styles.

Snider’s days as Twisted Sister frontman may be over but his career is still going strong.  With this latest release, Snider shares his love of metal with a whole new generation of fans ensuring that the magic of metal will always continue on.  For The Love Of Metal will be released Friday, July 27th via Napalm Records. Pre-order the record here!


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