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The Kanz Seize The Day With Latest Single “Carpe Diem”

London Rockers Are Climbing To New Heights In The Underground Scene

The city of London is known for a lot of things including being a musical mecca for musicians and fans of all genres. For punk rockers, it’s practically sacred ground. After all, this is where one of the most infamous rock bands of all time, the Sex Pistols, gave us “Anarchy in the U.K.” and “God Save the Queen” while The Clash urged the masses of “London Calling.” World-renowned underground venues like the Roxy instantly bring to mind images of leather-clad youth and sweaty bodies in a frenzy of wonderful music madness. The scene is still thriving today with new bands bringing that same youthful energy and attitude along with them. At the top of this list is a band called The Kanz. 

The Kanz have been taking on the London scene by storm ever since the release of their debut single “Relativism” this past spring. Putting their own twist on traditional punk rock by incorporating elements of alternative rock and electronic dance music, the band will have you both rocking out to their crunchy riffs and moving to the synth-based dance rhythms. Add in the energy of a thousand suns that the band exudes during a live performance and The Kanz are an unstoppable force of nature. Not only are they skilled musicians, but also gifted songwriters. Lead singer and guitarist Fabio Nania isn’t afraid to take chances and step out of the box which is exactly what he’s done with “Life Streaming Past,” a wistful tune that focuses on the human condition and connections we all long for. The accompanying video which was produced by drummer Rafael Pastana tells the story of a punk girl who develops a friendship with a tiny turtle that she finds in the park. 

One of the band’s strongest songs is their latest single “Carpe Diem.” According to Fabio, “There is no time to waste your time, no time to waste your life. Life is now! CARPE DIEM is our motto!” The new song is a great reflection of that motto. Opening with a synth-crazed beginning that almost feels like a carnival, the tune takes things to another level as the pace changes to a guitar-driven Green Day type song before the synth kicks in again. It’s fun, energetic, and a perfect example of what The Kanz are all about. 

Shutter 16 had the chance to chat with Fabio and get his personal insights into the band’s music as well as find out what lies ahead for The Kanz. You can listen to our interview in full below and stay tuned to their social media accounts for updates. 

The Kanz are:

Fabio Nania- Lead singer, Guitar

Francesco Di Cataldo- Synths

Rafael Pastana-Drums

William Patini- Bass

You can pre-save the new single “Carpe-Diem” on Spotify here.

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