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The Furious Seasons look West

The Furious Seasons look West

The Furious Seasons, an acoustic trio from Los Angeles, have released their fifth studio album, Look West, a contemplative and enjoyable record that feels reminiscent of early Cat Stevens or Jim Croce. Lyricist and vocalist David Steinhart creates songs that feel effortless, like a soft California breeze. Jeff Steinhart, David’s brother, plays stand-up bass and is joined by guitarist Paul Nelson in orchestrating simple yet deeply enjoyable melodies to accompany David’s lyrics. The album’s first track, “Longshot,” is a strong jumping-off point and sets the mood for the rest of the record. David’s lyrics belong with the sunset as a backdrop: “We’re not done yet, not by a longshot. There’s still time left to work through the soft spots and turn this around.”

For a trio, the album often feels like a far more musically-complex piece of work. These three musicians work impeccably well together and draw on influences like Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan, and the Carpenters. The band takes their album title from the track “My Terrible Song,” which feels raw and uncomplicated. The band shines throughout the album, but the words in this song are so relatable, it’s hard to feel anything but love for this group. “I start looking west and start wanting more,” David sings, “why’d you make me stand up like there was something to stand for?” Look West is the quintessential example of pure folk music. Having recently toured with John Hiatt and A.J. Croce and opened for British folk legend Donovan, this trio is sure to continue to create beautiful songs.

You can stream Look West here.

Link to the band’s site:


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