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The Fill Ins- Never Heard of ‘Em? Now You Have

Charlotte Band Just Delivered One of the Best Rock Albums of the Year

I know that we’ve all been preoccupied with what’s going on in the world amid the global Covid-19 pandemic and the financial difficulties that go hand in hand with shutting things down in order to flatten the curve. So let’s take a sanity break for a little while and shift gears to a topic that always seems to brighten my day. Of course, I’m talking about music and there’s nowhere better to begin our conversation than with a little rock and roll band out of Charlotte, North Carolina called The Fill Ins. 

Now that I have your attention, I’m just going to be straight forward and tell you that this band kicks some serious ass. Their latest album Never Heard of ‘Em was released today on all digital platforms and it is a must-add to your collection. Another fun fact about the release is that it is also available on, (cue drum roll please!) colored vinyl! That’s right, collectors can snag a copy on this fantastic new disc on vinyl, the ultimate in listening pleasure. There really is nothing quite like dropping the needle on the record, is there? 

What can I tell you about The Fill Ins? Well, they play raw and raucous, in your face, balls to the wall, rock and roll that packs a serious punch. There is no filler on this record but a few of my favorites were the contagious melody and crunching riffs of “Long Way To Go” and the pure down and dirty groove of “Personally.” Their energy could run an entire city, well maybe not, but at least produce enough juice to power the whole club and it makes you want to get up and move. 

Order your copy of Never Heard of ‘Em here!

I had the chance to chat with lead vocalist and guitarist Alex Stiff to get the inside scoop on the making of Never Heard of ‘Em and find out what the band has been up to. You can listen to our interview in full below. (Editors note: The interview took place earlier in March prior to the cancelation of live events and concerts. You can stay tuned to The Fill Ins social media for any new show updates in the coming months.)

The Fill Ins Are:

Alex Stiff: Vox and Guitar

Mikey Black: Lead Guitar

Captain Nunn: Bass

Christian Whittington: Drums

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