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The Devil Wears Prada Breaks Out Hits New and Old

No Sun, No Moon pit stops at the Underground

‘Twas a Wednesday in October and all through NC fans flocked the the Underground for an event they must see. Okay enough rhyming, let’s talk about the kickass show that took place at The Fillmore Underground in Charlotte on the evening of October 11th. The NO SUN NO MOON tour featuring Thousand Below, Silent Planet, Veil of Maya, and headliner The Devil Wears Prada. Doors to the venue opened at 6:30 much to the delight of fans who showed up early. We all know how bad it sucks to wait in line outside when it’s hot and humid.

Thousand Below 12

Thousand Below, the tour’s opening act, took the stage promptly at 7:30. Opening with their track “Sinking Me,” which is the first track off of their debut album The Love You Let Too Close, released six days ago thru Rise Records. “Sinking Me” was followed by “Never Here,” the third track from their album.

Thousand Below 2

Vocalist James Deburg has an incredible vocal range which goes from melodic singing to screaming at the drop of a hat. We saw a great deal of drummer Garrett Halvax skills during the fifth track “Tradition.”

Thousand Below 1

“I know your mosh muscles aren’t warmed up yet, but let’s get this fucking place moving!” Deburg said as he introduced the final song of the set: “Vein.” Charlotte, never being a town to stand still when a fast paced metal song is blaring through the speakers, instantly began to head bang and mosh to the riffs of guitarist Devin Chance and bassist Josh Billimoria.

Silent Planet 9
Silent Planet, from Los Angeles, California, took the stage after Thousand Below quickly tore down their set. “Panic Room” the group’s top played track on Spotify, opened up their set followed by “Psychescape,” which vocalist Garrett Russell informed the crowd “is about the grieving process, and losing a loved one.”

Silent Planet 4

During “Psychescape,” Russell moved from the stage onto the barricade, and into the arms of the people in the front row. The crowd naturally flocked to the rocker for a chance to sing into the microphone. By the fifth track of the set, entitled “Native Blood,” numerous circle pits had formed in the crowd. The pits quickly began to mesh together like a patchwork quilt. Numerous women in attendance were showing guys twice their size that they could hold their own in the pit. “Depths II,” the final track of Silent Planets set, got the crowd clapping in unison, reminding everyone of the family vibe that was reoccurring in The Fillmore Underground.

Silent Planet 3

Russell once again jumped off stage and into the crowd where he yelled “North Carolina this is your microphone” as fans swarmed Russell not only to help keep him surfing, but for a chance to scream their beloved lyrics into his mic.

Veil of Maya 10
The first of many fan crowd surfers began to appear as the third act of the evening, Veil of Maya, took the stage. Opening their set with “Nyu” off of their 2015 album Matriarch, which was followed by “LeeLoo.” The security at the venue were definitely starting to feel as they were at a metal show as surfer after surfer were pushed into their arms, especially during Veil of Maya’s third track “Ellie.”

Veil of Maya 2

Guitarist Mike Okubo was showing off his amazing finger capabilities as bassist Dan Hauser made every female in the room jealous of his hairy headbanging skills.

Veil of Maya 5

“I want everyone in this room to bounce,” vocalist Lukas Magyar yelled into the mic as the drum beat for “Overthrow” filled the speaker. Drummer Sam Applebaum continued to pump up the crowd with his intense drum beats. “It’s Not Safe To Swim Today” was the ninth song of the set list, and the fast paced intro alone got the circle pits moving once again. “Mikasa,” Veil of Maya’s second most played track on Spotify, closed their set out in a mass sea of sweat, hair, and screams.

The Devil Wears Prada 29

The house lights went completely out as the band we had all been waiting for prepared to take the stage. Chants of “Prada, Prada, Prada” filled the underground as The Devil Wears Prada took the stage to an incredible light show filled with flashing and at times blinding white lights. From their 2016 album Transit Blues, TDWP opened their set with “Daughter” which was quickly followed by “Sassafrass” off of With Roots Above and Branches Below. Vocalist Mike Hranica who was moving around the stage in a blur of bearded glory, ran right into the third track of the set “Assistant to the Regional Manager.” Guitarist Kyle Sipress found himself right beside Hranica on numerous occasions as he continued to scream out everyone’s favorite songs, which too much of the crowd’s excitement were off of their older albums.

The Devil Wears Prada 22

“Not that we’re trying to repeat ourselves, but we named this tour NO SUN, NO MOON because with our last album we did a documentary,” Hranica stated as he took a quick breather after the group’s fourth song. “Now, we have a trillion songs to play, and we’ve locked all the doors. Now you guys can’t leave until we’ve played them all.” The crowd enthusiastically yelled in response to Hranica’s words, which were directly followed by “Worldwide.” Guitarist Jeremy Depoyster played riff after amazing riff as bassist Andy Trick continued to get close to the edge of the stage as fans brought out their phones for a blurry selfie or snapchat video.

The Devil Wears Prada 23

“To the Key of Evergreen” was the tenth song of the evening, and to which Hranica threw his mic cable over and around a projector screen that was placed in front of the stage. The rocker didn’t show any fear of bringing the projector down, and continued to scream as if he didn’t have a care in the world. During this song two best friends in the circle pit were taking it to extremes. Guy A was on top of guy B’s shoulders and both were in the pit doing what they do best.

The Devil Wears Prada 11

After playing the last song of the evening “Danger: Wildman” the guys in The Devil Wears Prada exited the stage after rounds of “thank you”’s and “see you next time Charlotte.” Chants of encore filled the venue as fans begged for one last song. Not being a group to disappoint, The Devil Wears Prada took back to the stage.

“It’s been heavy on my mind since November 8th of last year, that no matter a person’s race, sexual preference, or gender identity, that we all need to be treated equally, and we need our government to enforce that. We are The Devil Wears Prada and we say fuck Donald Trump!” Hranica yelled into the mic as the group began to play “Mammoth” from their album Dead Throne. The mosh pit opened up for one more closing out circle as they guys gave the rest of their energy to the crowd. However Depoyster gave it all when he jumped from the stage and into the crowd while still playing his guitar! Fans rushed to keep him from falling as he continued to play his part in “Mammoth.” When the song ended, Depoyster was placed on his feet and was greeting fans as he made his way back to the stage to take his leave.

The Devil Wears Prada 9

It is usually said with every concert you attend that this is the best one you’ve ever been too. The Devil Wears Prada are a must see band for any metal fan, or anyone just wanting a peek into the world that consists of mosh and circle pits. The NO SUN NO MOON tour continues thru November fourth, ending in Chicago, Illinois. This is one show you definitely want to add to your repertoire of concerts to tell your kids and grandkids about.

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